Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blender of Blends

Last year I found this great post on Pinterest with an awesome blender that was full of different blends.  I used it in class but never really expanded on it a lot.  This year I scoured the internet (blogs, teachers pay teachers, pinterest) and found MANY different sites that went with the "blender of blends" that I wanted to use.  I mixed and matched many different things and came up with a great display of BLENDS to hang in the hall!!

We started with each child getting a blend card to come up to the front of the class and make 3 words with.  A mystery person was then called on to add one more to each list.  Then we used the list to write our words in individual blend blenders.  I found a link on and I printed out some colored blenders with pictures inside each.  We put them under the document camera and divided them into BLEND, NOT A BLEND groups.  After we finished that, each student was given a group of all the blends and construction paper to make their very own little "blender full of blends."  When we were finishing up I gave out a sheet where they wrote all the blends we learned about and added some more of their own.  THEY LOVED IT!!  All I had to do was add the little "I Can" statement and we were set.  The kids are very proud....and so am I!!

Pumpkin Problems

So my fall festival was well-organized and I had it all set up in my mind, and then the most awful thing happened.  (Besides waking up with a migraine!!)  We estimated and measured the circumference of our pumpkin, we estimated and then did a sink/float activity in our big wash bucket, and then I started cutting into the pumpkin that I went all over town this past weekend to find.  I pulled off the top with a class of children FULL of anticipation (only 4 out of 18 had EVER seen inside a pumpkin) and Voila!  IT WAS ROTTEN!!!!!  OMG!
The really nasty rotten one!!
I ran (with pumpkin in hand) to Michele's room almost in tears to see what I should do.  Her husband (who also teaches with us) wasn't doing his pumpkin investigation until the next day so she said I could go get his (and replace it later that day.)  So we were SAVED!!  We started all over, and wound up making our pumpkin successfully with no further problems.....right????  WRONG!!  Sure, the day went great.  We did many awesome learning activity stations, we bobbed for apples, we played in the hay and made Mr. Monkey (our class scarecrow) and we played some really fun games.  After lunch we did some graphing with Dem Bones and practiced making tally marks with "bat bones" (pretzel sticks.)  The problem came AFTER school when I had to find that replacement pumpkin.  I dragged my own first grader all over town looking for the perfect pumpkin for Tim and after 1 1/2 hours and just about every store in town, we finally had to settle for a perky pumpkin with a perfect stem at the most outrageously expensive pumpkin stand in town (cause of course the day before Halloween, it was the only place that had a pumpkin left!!)  Upon putting it in the car so carefully, I spun out of the parking lot where it toppled over and the stem SNAPPED right off.  Again, almost in tears, I called Michele, who told me to just hurry up and bring it to her before more catastrophic things happen to the poor pumpkin.  Luckily he glued on the stem and it all worked out fine, but I was some kind of stressed all day because of a rotten pumpkin.......OH YEAH, and my mom calls on the way home from work (a couple towns over) and says she's at a pumpkin patch with some really huge perfect pumpkins for $5 each, do I need one????  WHAT??!!??  A little too late mom......but thanks anyways!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Buttons, Smuttons.....

BLOG MADNESS!!  I had this really cute button created and it was a little big so I tried to fix it and now I've LOST my button and can't figure out how to fix it.  I've been sitting here FOREVER trying to figure it out and JUST CAN'T.  I guess I'm just going to have to make another.....uggggggg!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Festival Fun

This week I will host my 3rd fall festival only classroom. Here's the line up.
* pumpkin investigation - circumference, sink or float, clean it out, count the seeds, roast the seeds, and carve it!
* suck the seeds - with a straw, see who can suck up the most seeds and put them in a cup the fastest! It was toooo much fun last year!
* haystack hunt - we hide candy in a big pile of hay and let the kids go wild finding it all.  They get the biggest thrill out of this and have so much fun.
* making a scarecrow - my class will read The a little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything next week, along with If You Give A Scarecrow A Pumpkin, Click Here for Book by my good friend Michele Hargrove so we use the items in the book and make a scarecrow to sit in our class until Thanksgiving.  I take pics of the kids with him and it makes for awesome writing assignments over the next couple of weeks.  (Michele also made activities to go with these and you can find them on her TpT page here...Click Here for Activities
* class size spider web - one of the middle groups reads a book about spiders this week so we spread out all over the room and throw yarn back and forth to make a really cool spider web that fills the whole room.
We will also make words using the letters in SCARECROW, patterns with fall colored bears, graphing with Dem Bones and a sheet I made Click here for my graphing sheet,

 paper pumpkins, Halloween ABC order, Halloween Syllable Sorts, and much more! I even have a GSU student who is bringing in cupcakes for us to decorate.  YUM!
This day is a lot of work, but its a lot of fun too!  I can't wait until next week when I can post some pictures of all the things we do! Just wanted to go ahead and put some ideas out there in case some of you are looking for some things to do for Halloween! Happy Fall, ya'll!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall break

Totally screwed this up and the type is under the pics.....just add it to things I gotta figure out how to fix! LOL!  Will work on that later!

So last week was fall break and I was all set to have a big camp out for bens seventh birthday and relax with a well baby after getting adenoids out the week before........not so easy! As soon as the last camper arrived it started to pour down rain, soaking all the sleeping bags in the tent with open windows and doors! Luckily it stopped and we were still able to glow stick tag, eat grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, eat up the yummy cake I made, or sat marshmallows over an open fire, and watch a movie on the back wall of the house outside! It turned out really nice! Then the bottom fell out in my plans again.  Meghan started running over 103 temps for the next 5 days before we finally had her admitted into the hospital for three days with pneumonia!!! Ahhhhh!!!  The day we come home Ben starts throwing up with fever.....can a mommy get a break?  Apparently not.  Had to take the first day back off to recoup everyone, and now the daddy is sick! Anyways, tomorrow we get to take our first field trip to Old Freeman Family Farms.  It should be tons of fun so I'm praying everything goes according to plan!! Something has to go right soon, right???????

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Here is the Three Little Pigs houses on a milk carton and finger puppets so that they could retell the story.  We are reading it on FOUR different levels, which is challenging, but they are loving it and having so much fun retelling it!  I'm happy with how it turned out (with the exception of all the spaghetti all over the floor) and can't wait to do it again next year!

We also read Goldilocks on Tabtales on the iPad and did the "Breaking News" activity that I wanted to do.  Tomorrow is the choice of Princess and the Pea activity or Cinderella activity.  Always good to give choices!  For math we will do the Jack and the Beanstalk activity that I created, in pairs.  Such a busy, busy week!

On another note, I have a group who is having a really hard time with ABC order.  I put fewer words for them on post-it notes and a list with the ABC's for them to highlight after finding the first letter in each word.  It actually worked out beautifully!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

This week I will be using tons of activities that I found on Pinterest (so addicted) to teach Fairy Tales.  I made an activity of my own and put on TpT for Jack and the Beanstalk so check it out if you'd like to get it for FREE!

We will be reading three different levels of The Three Little Pigs and doing fun activities with that story, but here are some of the other awesome things we will be doing as well!

I will post pictures next weekend to show how it all turns out!!  Can't wait - it's gonna be such a FUN week!

So excited to start this blog!  Hope that it will help me get out some of my creative energies without obsessing so much about all I want to do all the time.  Thanks for following me!