Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blender of Blends

Last year I found this great post on Pinterest with an awesome blender that was full of different blends.  I used it in class but never really expanded on it a lot.  This year I scoured the internet (blogs, teachers pay teachers, pinterest) and found MANY different sites that went with the "blender of blends" that I wanted to use.  I mixed and matched many different things and came up with a great display of BLENDS to hang in the hall!!

We started with each child getting a blend card to come up to the front of the class and make 3 words with.  A mystery person was then called on to add one more to each list.  Then we used the list to write our words in individual blend blenders.  I found a link on and I printed out some colored blenders with pictures inside each.  We put them under the document camera and divided them into BLEND, NOT A BLEND groups.  After we finished that, each student was given a group of all the blends and construction paper to make their very own little "blender full of blends."  When we were finishing up I gave out a sheet where they wrote all the blends we learned about and added some more of their own.  THEY LOVED IT!!  All I had to do was add the little "I Can" statement and we were set.  The kids are very proud....and so am I!!


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