Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pumpkin Problems

So my fall festival was well-organized and I had it all set up in my mind, and then the most awful thing happened.  (Besides waking up with a migraine!!)  We estimated and measured the circumference of our pumpkin, we estimated and then did a sink/float activity in our big wash bucket, and then I started cutting into the pumpkin that I went all over town this past weekend to find.  I pulled off the top with a class of children FULL of anticipation (only 4 out of 18 had EVER seen inside a pumpkin) and Voila!  IT WAS ROTTEN!!!!!  OMG!
The really nasty rotten one!!
I ran (with pumpkin in hand) to Michele's room almost in tears to see what I should do.  Her husband (who also teaches with us) wasn't doing his pumpkin investigation until the next day so she said I could go get his (and replace it later that day.)  So we were SAVED!!  We started all over, and wound up making our pumpkin successfully with no further problems.....right????  WRONG!!  Sure, the day went great.  We did many awesome learning activity stations, we bobbed for apples, we played in the hay and made Mr. Monkey (our class scarecrow) and we played some really fun games.  After lunch we did some graphing with Dem Bones and practiced making tally marks with "bat bones" (pretzel sticks.)  The problem came AFTER school when I had to find that replacement pumpkin.  I dragged my own first grader all over town looking for the perfect pumpkin for Tim and after 1 1/2 hours and just about every store in town, we finally had to settle for a perky pumpkin with a perfect stem at the most outrageously expensive pumpkin stand in town (cause of course the day before Halloween, it was the only place that had a pumpkin left!!)  Upon putting it in the car so carefully, I spun out of the parking lot where it toppled over and the stem SNAPPED right off.  Again, almost in tears, I called Michele, who told me to just hurry up and bring it to her before more catastrophic things happen to the poor pumpkin.  Luckily he glued on the stem and it all worked out fine, but I was some kind of stressed all day because of a rotten pumpkin.......OH YEAH, and my mom calls on the way home from work (a couple towns over) and says she's at a pumpkin patch with some really huge perfect pumpkins for $5 each, do I need one????  WHAT??!!??  A little too late mom......but thanks anyways!!


  1. hugs girl! That was me on Tuesday.... trying to find a mini pumpkin for g2... grrrr... :)

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  3. Your story cracked me up, it is always funny when it is someone else! So glad everything worked out OK, you made me laugh out loud! I am your newest follower!
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