Sunday, December 15, 2013


We wrote our letters to Santa this week.  We will be using the OREO organizer a lot next semester so I thought we should try it out now to help us with our papers.  They had to come up with the ONE thing they wanted MOST for Christmas.  Then they came up with 3 reasons/examples to go with it, and concluded with a closing sentence.  For their first time I think they did fabulous.  We posted them in the hallway for everyone to see.  There were A LOT of Easy-bake Ovens, and XBOX 360s, but the one that got me the most was from a little boy who lost his dog.  All he wants for Christmas is Blaze to come home.  I literally teared up when I read his rough draft!!
Otherwise we have been making snowmen and learning about holidays in different countries around the world.  On Tuesday we are going to trade rooms all morning and do crafts from the places we've "visited".  I think it will be a BLAST and something that they will remember!  I got AUSTRALIA so I'm sure after over 100 kids make SANDmen in my room on Tuesday it will look like we're at the beach too!! BWAHAHAH!!!  Ours will be on paper, but it must be cool to be in Australia for Christmas and make one of these...
I've been sitting here all day today printing out and laminating math and literacy centers for this coming week. I plan to keep them super engaged so that we all stay sane and make it until Friday.  I even wrapped 5 Christmas books so we can "unwrap a read-aloud" every day.  Just a little something to up interest, if you know what I mean.
I'm also planning to use Katie's (Teacher to the Core) Nice/Naughty Freebie to keep the happiness flowing in our room.  Just have to figure out what our extra treat will be for the party.  Have my elf, labels, and cubes laminated and ready to go up in the morning (if I don't get up to school today).  If you want to grab her freebie you can click the picture to go to her site.  There are more pieces to it that might work for you too!
We have our PreK-1st Christmas program for the whole school on Wednesday afternoon, parties on Thursday afternoon, and the program again for parents/guests on Friday afternoon so I'm hoping that the week flies by pretty smoothly.  Since this time of year is so busy I don't know if I will be blogging again before Christmas so in case I don't I want to wish you each a VERY Merry Christmas from my family to yours!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Messed-Up 120 Charts & Number Puzzles

In the first grade Unit 2 math unit we learned to put number puzzles together from cut apart pieces of a 120 chart.  The kids LOVED doing this.  First I gave them their own 120 chart and let them cut it any way that they wanted.  Then they switched with a neighbor and put them back together.  It was so amazing to watch and they worked so diligently the whole time.  For Thanksgiving I made a math center unit that included some pages to laminate and cut out so that I could put some of these puzzles in a center.  Again, they loved working on these.  Here are some pictures of them working.

So, when I was working on some activities for this holiday season, I decided to offer up some of these pre-made templates for you to print on colored cardstock, laminate, and put in centers for extra practice or early finishers.  To go with this skill we have also been working on filling in missing numbers on pieces of the cut out chart.  I made a little mini-unit with worksheets for practicing this, but I also included one for FREE in the Fred the Elf & The Messed-Up 120 Chart pack.  Just click on the picture to grab your copy!!

Here are a couple of pics of this pack in action.  I gave it B to work on tonight by the Christmas tree and he really enjoyed it!!

If you are looking for extra sheets you can find them here or by clicking the pic below.

Another little mini-unit I've put up in my store works with TRUE/FALSE addition facts (and there are even a couple of <, >, = true/false bonus pages).  There are several different versions of activities to choose from.  I'd love for you to check them out!  I have included a freebie example page for you if you want to check it out.  Click HERE to find it!

Well, I'm off to catch up on some shows on the DVR and just relax for a little bit.  I hope that you are all finding JOY each and every day this holiday season.  I've been working really hard on finding a blessing in my life each day to be celebrate.  As you read this, know that I feel blessed to be able to share the things that I create with YOU and that you are here reading this and sharing your time with me!!


Monday, December 2, 2013

Hope I'm not too late!!

OHHHHH, I have been so busy making my list and checking adding to it over and over (AND we had a County Meeting today for Common Core with the whole 1st grade so I had sub plans to make), that I totally forgot to remind you about the big Cyber Sale at Tpt!!!  I know, I know, who doesn't know about that already???  But, I wanted to let you know my store is on sale for 20% off too, so with the code: cyber, you can get 28% off!!  
OK, I know that's really short, but I'm off to shop!!  Not only at Tpt, but I need to help Santa out over at Toys R Us and Amazon as well!! Hehehe!!!  Plue the kids are in the kitchen making stuff out of marshmallows and toothpicks with our elf Ralphie, so I gotta go grab some more pics and join in the fun too!  Happy Shopping!!!!


Saturday, November 9, 2013

What I Have Learned GIVEAWAY Time

It's Giveaway time!  Jessica at What I Have Learned has a new blog design and is celebrating by doing a fabulous Giveaway.  There are four different sections, PreK-K, 1-2, 3-5, and Clipart.  A preview of what you can win for each is below. Click on the button on the left to enter for your chance to WIN!  Some are Winner's Choice so you get your pick from their store!  COOL!  The giveaway begin this morning, November 9 and will last until next Saturday, November 16!  
 Here is what is in the PreK-K Bundle!
The 1st-2nd Grade Bundle
Check out the 3rd-5th Grade Bundle
There is even a bit of clip art you can try to win!

Adding one more link so you can be sure to find this great giveaway.  Click the picture below to hop over and check it out!  Jessica will be thrilled for you to check out her new blog and all the sponsors will be thankful, myself included, for your interest and support!!  Have a fabulous weekend, and GOOD LUCK!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Freebie for my Fans

Hi all!  Short post tonight but I wanted to link up with My Kinder Garden to offer up a little Greater/Less/Equal Freebie!  It has several different sheets to provide practice on Greater than, Less than, and Equal numbers in various forms.  If you download it and are pleased with my work I would love for you to check out my new Facebook page HERE!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I appreciate all of you so much!
Click HERE if you would like to download the freebie! Sneak peek pics below...

Good night all!!!!  See ya soon!!


Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Currently

It has been a few months since I remembered IN TIME to link up with Farley for her monthly Currently party.  This month I am excited that I get to join in the fun!  Thanks for stopping by!
My children, my husband, and I LOVE candy, so there is ALWAYS a candy basket on the counter at my house (or the top of the fridge) but it had been dwindling to not much of anything good lately.  Then HALLOWEEN hit, and there are like THREE candy baskets on the counter!  Tiny tot keeps coming up bringing me more stuff to open.  Who can deny that face????  She only gets a limited amount a day, but it's Saturday and she's all about it this morning!!

Loving and thinking go hand in hand this month - I like to take November to reflect and remember to be thankful for all the people who I love and the blessing that I have in my life.  So many times it's easy for me to STRESS OUT from and the piles of things I want/need to do, the feeling that I always need to do MORE, the pressures of our job as teachers, and the pressure of being a good mommy and wife on top of it all.  This month I want to remember to think more positively.  Hubby brought home a deer he shot  last week (free meat!!) and has been working hard to alleviate a lot of my stress lately, my kids are healthy and happy and give such sweet love to me every day, and my friends are ALWAYS there with encouraging words/hugs/ideas/jokes to cheer me up and keep me motivated to do the things I love and to FEEL loved!  I have a GREAT group of kids this year, a home a love, pets that are happy to see me, a job I ADORE (no matter the work), a new Facebook page, and I hit 100 followers on Tpt last month so I am SUPER PUMPED and thankful for THAT too, and HEY, the weather has been FANtasTIC lately!!!  LOVE this time of year!

I recently started using the literacy centers that Sarah Paul makes for each month.  They are AMAZING!!!! Click on the link to check them out!
 I talked my principal into getting them for the rest of the year and have to get printing this weekend so I can start up the November centers on Monday.  Only problem....laminator at school is BROKEN, DEAD, NEVER COMING BACK.  We are waiting on a new one, but who knows when that will be.  I LOVE my little laminator from Walmart, but it's like $13 for 50 sheets of film, and I need TONS to get all these centers ready.  Oh, well, gonna suck it up and go buy some today and PRAY that we get a new machine at school soon.  However, I still would rather have an endless supply here at home......hmmmm, Christmas wish list???
LOVE this little machine!!!!! 

OK, here is where I am needing some HELP!!!  I started a Facebook page this week and want to put a link to it on my blog.  I've searched Google to figure it out, but I'm just not finding what I need.  I feel lost and figure it has to be some simple little thing.  I just don't know.  If you have done this on your page and it was not too difficult and wouldn't mind sharing a little "how-to" with me I would really appreciate it.  You can email me at  If you would like to just head over and check out my new page you can click the pic below.  I would LOVE to have some new fans!
Now for the YUMMY pin part!  I am pinning the BEST pumpkin pie EVER!  I have used this site for the last three-four years to make my homemade pumpkin pies from real pumpkins, not the can.  The directions are REALLY easy to follow and the pie tastes AMAZING.  It may not be the PRETTIEST pick of a pie, but I tell you it is the best TASTING!  If you have never made your own homemade pumpkin pie, I highly recommend trying this one out! (Disclaimer:  I DO use a premade crust instead of making my own though - not all about making a pic crust.)
She has a little addition you can do, where you can add pecans to the top for a Caramelized Pecan Topping.  It is the BEST part if you ask me.  It has a different link so if you want to see that one click the pic below.

OK, I think I have gone on for long enough.  I would LOVE to hear what you are thankful for this season.  And in that spirit, I am thankful that you have made it to the end of my blog and are still with me!  I can def. be long winded!  Enjoy your weekend and the weather, and the smells of this wonderful time of year!


Friday, November 1, 2013

Five for Friday...Chocolate Wasted!!!

Well we made it to another Friday and I am linking up with DoddleBugs Teaching's for Five for Friday!  
This has been a WILD week.  It was Red Ribbon Week at our school, we had Halloween, I started up my Facebook page for my blog, and we celebrated Charlie & the Chocolate Factory "Wild for Wonka" style.  On top of all that I lost my voice on Monday afternoon and have JUST THIS AFTERNOON started to be able to talk again.  (I may have even sat in another classroom during planning yesterday crying because I can't talk - I know, PITIFUL!  - She gave me a straw so I could "suck it up!")  Anyways, here goes!!

We were so wrapped up in WONKA world that I almost forgot about Halloween.  However, we did manage to carve the pumpkin "just in time" and get all dressed up to go out.  Here is a picture of my heart.  (And by the way, I showed her how to stand and told her to go lean like that against the tree....she did it without the tree...what can I say?)
GOD I LOVE that face!!!!!!

VERY, VERY random, but we have 10 chickens in our backyard and I just thought it was amazing that we got 14 eggs in one day this week.  Plus it's super cool that we can take them out and pet them too!  This is Atlanta.
 Last weekend I blogged about all the Willy Wonka stuff we have been doing in our classroom the last couple of weeks and here are just a couple more things we did this week.
 Totaled 173 gobstoppers after we sorted, and then counted by 1, 2, 5, and 10.  Then we got to eat them up.
I put all the words on index cards and as groups they put them in ABC order.  Then they recorded their words on their papers.  This worked out really well and they had fun doing it!
We also wrote sentences about each ticket winner using the anchor charts that we made in class.  I totally forgot to snap a pic of those to share though...

If you are interested in any Charlie & the Chocolate Factory activities I made you can click the picture below to head over to my store and grab them.  

Without a voice this week I learned to be thankful for what my kids CAN read!!  I would type something on the Smart Board and then clap-clap-clap clap clap and POINT to the board and they would all read the directions of what I needed them to do, and the menu, and when to line up, etc.  I "whisper" taught as much as I could, but they really did do a lot of educational centers this week as well cause it took a lot out of me.  Anyways, on the first day that I couldn't talk I was standing up "whisper" teaching and noticed one of my students with these glasses on.  I took them, and then borrowed them, and taught the rest of the lesson with them on. You can bet I had their full attention that way.  It's the little things people, the little things....
OK, here is the GRAND FINALE of my Wonka Week!!!  I am so excited to share it!  I got the idea for the massive Venn Diagram from my friend Stacy at Funky Fresh Firsties and was SO happy that I did it.  Since we read the whole novel and have been talking so much about VISUALIZATION, we watched the movie to put real pictures to what we have been reading about.  The kids were super PUMPED, and so was I!  We started the movie and would pause at different points when they noticed something that was the SAME or something that was DIFFERENT than in the book.  We wrote it up on this Venn Diagram.  I think they did an AMAZING job!  It made the movie watching time a lot longer than typically, but it was worth it to me, and to them.

 The same cool parent that brought us the HUGE chocolate bar also gave us the cool Wonka sign!
Then FINALLY the time was here for me to get to open this FIVE POUND bar of chocolate that I've been looking at for a week.  And let me tell you, it was SOOOOOOO YUMMY!!!!!  Wish I could have shared it with all of you!  We had lots of chocolate, some Wonka candy and regular candy, some strawberries and blueberries, and Fizzy Lifting Drinks (Sprite).  The kids had a blast and I am still recovering at the moment.

That's it for me friends!  OH, I totally forgot!!  I wanted to offer up a FREEBIE to the first 5 people to comment on my blog!  I made a large packet of math centers for Thanksgiving.  If you are interested, leave me a comment with your email address and I will send it your way.  If you want to check it out you can click the picture below.
Have a SUPER restful weekend and enjoy that extra hour that you get tomorrow night!