Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thank you Tara Ward for helping me figure this out!!  Can't believe how easy it was after the headache it was beginning to create!!

Thanks also to Farley's for the Currently page!!  This is my first so I'm really excited!! :)

Listening....I came home today with so much laundry everywhere that I thought I'd faint!!  I started sorting and organizing all of the loads and finally got them started so while I'm figuring out this CURRENTLY thing for the first time I am listening to the sound of the washer going round and round knowing that in the near future there will be clean clothes!!!

Loving...I am loving my amazing friends!  I got to spend the day with Stacy's fabulous firsties while my student teacher  got to spend some quality time on her own with our kids.  Thanks Stacy for letting me come in and do some fun games and activities with your sweet class!  Thanks also for your wonderful ideas and support!  On to Michele, thanks for always listening to my ideas and helping me proof and correct things that I make.  Your opinion is so valuable to me and I don't know what I would do without you!  Thanks also for being such a FABULOUS teacher to my little first grader!! LOL  Thanks Tara for being such a sweet friend and coming to give me a hug every day!  (And a big thank you for helping me figure out my blog problem today...LOL)  Thanks Millie for being such an AMAZING student teacher who makes me feel smart and creative and wonderful all the time.  You are a joy to be around and I am so blessed to have you in my classroom this semester!!!  Thanks Melissa for being my non-teacher friend, for listening to my gripes and complaints, and gives me advice and the feeling that everything will always been OK if I just smile and keep my head up!  I have so many more amazing friends, but for now, those are at the forefront of my mind and I wanted to sufficiently give them shout-outs for all they do for me! always, of my next project.  I am having so much fun making units for Tpt and get so thrilled everytime that "ka-ching" goes off letting me know someone else was interested in what I made.  It's not even about the money so much to me as the fact that I get to share my passion with others!  I would love for you to check out my store if you have a chance!

Wanting....a personal laminator....need I say more?????  Doesn't every teacher need one of these??

Needing....SLEEP!  I haven't been sleeping very good lately and am working on some ways to help that out.  If only I could turn off my mind, but don't think there is a magic pill for that! LOL

like, love, hate.....well, I followed the rule and am giving you three thing that start with the first letter of my first name so you get that I LIKE apples, LOVE aquariums, and HATE ants!

I really want to give this blogging experience a better chance so I'm making a pact with myself to blog at least two times a week right now to get myself established and into a routine.  Just to give you a peek of what we did today in class (I did this with my class and with Stacy's).

We are learning about birds so we made the chicken life cycle after reading both a fiction and a non-fiction book about chickens and learning many interesting facts (like there are WAY more chickens on the planet than people)!  We also did a little writing to go with it.  Here is one of my sweet firsties...

One other fun game I played today was Fill the Tree.  Partners take turns rolling the dice and adding the sums.  They cover the answer they get.  The person to fill in the last spot (FILLS THE TREE) gets to be the winner!  They love playing this game and it really helps with addition fact fluency without them even knowing it!  HAHAHA!  I love it to for that very reason.

Now, one final thing for this linky party (which hopefully you are still reading :) )....Caitlin at Learning Ahoy! has some great Frugal Friday tips for teachers to get discounts at various places.  Hop on over to her page to check this out!  Thanks Caitlin!
Brenda and Whitney at Teamed Up Teachers show how blogging together can be done.  It was interesting to travel to the world of 4th grade for a little bit (though I wouldn't trade my little ones for anything.)

See ya soon!


  1. Awesome post!! You go girl!

    Shine On!
    The Lightbulb Lab

  2. yay! so happy you figured it out! took me awhile too... :)


  3. Your blog post looks so good. Thank you for coming to hang out today... it was so unexpected and SO very appreciated! My firsties are now members of your fan club (seriously, did you hear them chant your name?) I think that blogging twice a week is a great goal... and that LOTS of people will be interested in what you have going on in your classroom! See you tomorrow!
    Funky Fresh Firsties


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