Saturday, April 20, 2013

Five for Friday - Random Stuff

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching with Five for Friday 

#1 - ADORABLE Gater Clips from Dollar Tree
LOVE LOVE LOVE these and will be figuring out a really cool way to use these when comparing numbers. I'm thinking it would be awesome to make some cards with random numbers and have the kids clip them on the greatest number.  Even if it's just a car with 2 numbers it would work.  They were too cute and I had to buy 5 sets.  i did share them with Stacy though so I'm not hoarding them all.

 #2:  Kudzu Bugs
These critters were ALL OVER the backyard this week.  They were only on things in the sunshine that were made of wood...unless they were flying around smacking the kids in the head making them really upset.  After the sun set they disappeared, and they didn't go in the shade.  WEIRD!!  I put them on facebook and my brother figured them out.  Kudzu bugs, new little annoying bugs to GA in the past few years.  They are somehow related to stink bugs and if you kill them they stink REALLY BAD ( I tried!!)  We called up "the bug man" and he came out to spray but it's been raining now so I don't know if it worked and they are gone or if they will return again when the sun is back out.  Hope you don't have to deal with these.....

#3 - Poppin' True/False Equations
I got this True/False gumball activity from Kelly at First Grade Fairytales.  It can be a small center, but I used it this week as an ASSESSMENT!!  The kids learned to tell if an equation was true or false this week so on Friday I had them sit with me and play with gumballs.....and they had NO IDEA they were taking a test.  I only have a couple that I still need to work on with this, but the rest did a fabulous job!!  They loved the "assessment"!  Thanks Kelly!

  #4:  Backyard fun in the RAIN
Here is a random picture of my kids on the trampoline....IN THE RAIN...because it was pouring down rain here in GA and they begged to get in their suits and go outside.  Whatever makes them happy works on a Friday afternoon!!  They laughed and laughed and played in puddles and had the best KID fun!!  LOVE IT!

 #5 - Sir and Ma'am Mugs 
I saw a post on Pinterest where someone drew on ceramic mugs with a Sharpie, put them in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees, and VOILA!  Decorated mugs.  They used Mister and lady on theirs but I liked sir and ma'am for ours.  I've baked them, but I haven't tried to see if it rubs off yet.  There were mixed reviews on the site.  Will check in a little bit, but I sure hope it worked cause I love them.  I rarely do things for ME and I wanted these to go with my new Espresso machine that I have fallen in love with! 

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  1. Super cute mugs! And I LOVE those alligator clips. I'm about to head out to do some shopping. I am going to have to stop by our dollar store and see if they have them there. I am your newest follower.
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

    1. So happy to have you following me!!! Just FYI...I went and bought one set last weekend on Saturday and on Sunday they were putting up Luau stuff and the clips were gone. I freaked out...but when I asked, they had tons of them in the back and went and got some for me. They had other animals too! I want to go back and get hippos to do some Hungry Hippo math! Good luck finding them!

  2. Love the gumball machine activity! So cute! I also love the alligator clips - I am going to go out and look for those to do greater than and less than in the fall! We always talk about how the gator eats the bigger number - so that would be a great visual! LOVE it!
    So glad I found your blog through the linky!

    1. I'm so glad that you found me too and left me a sweet note. If you can't find the clips, ask about them because they had to go to the back to get mine when I went back to get more because there were changing stuff around. I wish you luck finding them. They really are super cute! Come back and visit anytime! :)
      OH, and the Gumball activity is from Kelly at First Grade Fairytales so if you want a copy, hop over and check her out!
      Have a fabulous day!


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