Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy, Hungry Hippos

Dollar Tree, how I LOVE thee....Went on a shopping trip to the Dollar Tree today (I know, BIG SHOCK, right??) and found these ADORABLE hippo clips!  Decided right away that we will have to play Happy, Hungry Hippos with these cuties.  I bought 4 so it could be a four player game.  I was thinking we could use playing cards, but then I decided to make some hippo cards with higher numbers instead.  The kids will divvy out all the cards, then each put down the top card from their pile.  The one with the highest number will get to keep all the cards (IN THE HIPPO MOUTH).  Once all of the cards have been used, the one with the most cards wins!  Simple enough, right.  I'm sure you guys could come up with several other ideas to use these babies for, but this is how I will use them.  If you would like to get the hippo cards because you were lucky enough to find the hippos, click HERE.

I don't have a laminator at home so I only cut out about half of the cards and played with my personal first grader.  He LOVED it and was very pleased that he won!  Here are some pics of our fun!

Can't wait to use these in my class.  Dollar ROCK!!!

P.S.  A few other cute finds today were this cute flower shaped tray (no idea what I'll use it for yet) from Dollar Tree and these flower-shaped cupcake cups.  I bought pink and purple (for me AND Stacy) so we can bake up some yummy flower cupcakes week after next.  Will post pics when we bake them.  I'm envisioning sheer yumminess though!!
 Another find was this set of 2 ice cube trays that are in the shape of a flower (from the Dollar Tree) that we can use as ten frames.  I'm thinking of putting a number in each and having them add them together....????  If you have ideas I would love to hear them!
The last find, and the one I'm most excited about (besides the hippo clips) are POOL NOODLES!  Click to see how Kelly at First Grade Fairytales uses them to teach place value.  I bought green and blue and will be cutting away tomorrow to get them ready.  We can practice place value AND use them to teach double digit addition and subtraction whole group.  AWESOME!!

Hope you all have a fabulous day!  I'm going to cut up these noodles, finish up my plans for the week, and hopefully get the laundry done.  No need for a picture here cause you don't want to see how high the pile keeps getting! LOL

Just a reminder that Kelly is having a MASSIVE giveaway after reaching 400 members.  Check it out to get a chance to win before midnight tonight!!  First Grade Fairytale Blog Giveaway

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  1. Angie,

    Those hippo clips are SOOOO cute! I think I'll need to make another trip soon and look for those. Your idea for using them was perfect!

    Second Grade Signpost

  2. Thanks! I really hope you can find them!! Thanks for stopping by!


  3. So stinkin' cute... I love the way your mind thinks! So glad we're on the same team and I get to enjoy your creativity!!!
    Funky Fresh Firsties


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