Saturday, April 27, 2013

Here are my five random things for the week...  I LOVE linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday!

1.  I talked my hubby into coming to plant a tree with my class on Friday.  He happily came and we planted a Willow Oak.  1) In honor of Earth Day this week and making a contribution to help the Earth.  2) For the kids to watch grow while they grow - we planted in front of the library window so they will see it for years to come as they walk by.  3) As a show of love for our student teacher who will be leaving us next week (when we are learning about PLANTS, and reading The Giving Tree with activities for her last day!)  and 4) For my sweet little first grader (Ben) as we have shared 1st grade together this year (in separate rooms) so that we can watch it grow as he grows and I can have a piece of him here even when he's gone.  Oh man, that was a lot of stuff!!  Here are some pics!
 Isn't it so sweet???

2. We planted some miniature orange and lemon trees in our garden a couple of years ago that have gotten TALLER, but never produced any fruit.  We are super excited to see these baby oranges and lemons today in the garden.  YAY!!!

 We also have a TON of baby bean sprouts!  It is amazing to see the growth all around me!  We have a really big garden because my husband enjoys it so much so it will be time for some GOOD eatin' real soon!

3.  I was pulling weeds this week and found this dandelion weed with a root that was FAR longer than I EVER though it could be.  My son held it up and it's almost as tall as he is from root to end.  WOW!  Did you have a clue the roots of these WEEDS could be so long??  (He's 46 1/2 inches tall by the way!!)
 4.  This week we made "little oinker" snouts with our spelling words.  Then, out of the blue, Millie (the fabulous student teacher) decided we should come up with adjectives to describe a pig.  They all were calling out great answers, but then she says "are they tall or short?" and this jewel yells out "LONGWAYS!"  We laughed and laughed!!  They drew a pig and used some of the adjective they came up with.  I LOVE how she integrated our spelling into a Grammar lesson!  I can't tell you enough how much she ROCKS!
 5.  We did these activities that I made this week to learn how to use a number chart to answer word problems.  I was SURPRISED at how much better they "got it" this way and was very pleased to see them working on the questions in their pack.  If you are interested in anything like this I will put the link below.
I call it Catch the Bus and there are word problems with addition/subtraction by 1, addition/subtraction by 10, and some with 3 addends.  Click HERE is you are interested.

 I hope you all have a WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, RELAXING weekend!  See you soon!

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  1. Your blog is so sweet! :) I'm following just so I can see your sweet pictures. :) My big kids (fifth grade) are big fans of cute anymore! ;)Come see me if you get a chance.
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. So many meaningful reasons for planting that tree! Great idea! :o) Enjoy watching it grow and all of the memories it holds!



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