Monday, April 15, 2013

Jewelry Baggies - Who knew they'd be one of my favorite things?!?

I wanted to share TWO of my new favorite things with you guys in case you needed a way to store all the centers you are buying/creating.  I had ziplock bags all over the place (and still do because I'm in the process of organizing all this stuff) and it was driving me crazy.  I would need a center or a game and KNOW that I had made it, but not be able to find it.  SOOOOO, I was at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago getting some jewelry stuff to make and found these Jewelry bags!  They have small, medium, and large ones.  These are the large ones (though I have the small ones too for other projects).  They come in a pack of 100!!! PLUS, they are less than $3!!!  I typically find them on the end of the aisle like here in the picture (best picture I could find.)
Here is a picture of them in use.  I have started putting most everything I make in them.  They are much smaller than ziplock bags, cheaper, and in my opinion, just look better!!
You will notice in this picture my SECOND favorite thing right now for organizing all my stuff....see-through pencil pouches.  I was in the Dollar General and saw these and thought....hey, those will hold my centers AND can go in a binder so i have a place to put them.  HOLLA!!  Happy girl right here!!
I found them for $1 each, but they didn't have a ton so I Googled them and found a place to get 24 for $36 and ordered up some more.  I can't wait until they get here and I can store more stuff.  If I have some games and centers with the same theme I can put them in the little baggies and them put all in the pencil pouches.  I can also put a clear sheet protector with the recording sheets in the binder with them!
This is the best I have come up with for storing my centers so far.  
If you have ideas I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear about it!  Seriously, tell me please!!! :)

And don't forget to check out Kelly's 400 Follower Giveaway at First Grade Fairytales!  A couple of the centers you see above are from her!  She's totally amazing!

One more little thing.  I finally took some pictures of the ice cream sundaes that we made before Spring Break practicing fractions.  Here are some pictures of the work my sweet little monkeys did!  
 Had to split his picture so you could see the sundae AND the great little fractions he made.
We had left over ice cream scoops so the next day I let them choose three more scoops for their cones and they wrote the fractions of the scoops they had again.  (Thanks Stacy @ Funky Fresh Firsties for the great idea!) Different amount of scoops, so different fractions! By the way, Stacy just reached 400 followers too, like Kelly!  She's planning a big 500 follower party, so hop over and visit her if you haven't already!  We work together and I have just this year really gotten to know her better and am SOOOO happy to be able to say she's my friend.  She's also amazing... and strong... and wise (fabulous advice all the time)... and I must say the word that pops out the most when I think of her.....CALM!!  I recently went in her room to do an activity that I had done with my own class in a CHAOTIC CRAZE and immediately upon sitting down and getting started with her class I felt relaxed and CALM.  She just gives off that vibe and I love that about her!  She's so calm with her own kids too and does so much for and with them, and I often think "man, that's the kind of mom I want to be!"  Anyways, too much talking, I'm supposed to be talking about ice cream fractions!  Here ya go!

See you guys later!  TTFN.....ta-ta for now!



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