Friday, April 26, 2013


I am so pumped about the Picnic Pals Literacy and Math Centers by Reagan at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits!

A few weeks ago I bought Reagan's AMAZING picnic pals literacy and math centers.  I was so excited so I printed them out right away, laminated, and then spent several hours cutting and cutting and cutting all the little centers out.  Then I ran to my trusty Dollar Tree and bought the props that she suggested to make the centers just a little more meaningful.  I had them all planned out for this week....and they were JUST AS AWESOME as I imagined they would be.  On Wednesday we did the literacy centers.  I had 2-3 students in each center and they worked together beautifully!  I was so impressed by the talk going on about the activities and how easily they accomplished their tasks.  They completed their recording sheets and collaborated with each other with no arguing!  It was such a FABULOUS morning!

Here are some pictures of them working away.
Sight Word Sandwiches
 Grill Kings
 Chip Clip Blends 
 Compound Cool-aid
  Fruit Salad Synonyms
 Ketchup Words

As you see they were totally engaged and working so hard.  I was very excited to do the math centers next, so today they had their chance.  First thing this morning I got everything all laid out and we broke up into groups.  I chose to only do five of the math centers so the groups were a tad larger, but it was still wonderful.  I observed and watched their smiling faces as they went from center to center.  We had to take the MAP test today so we did the centers and then later completed the recording sheets.  Reagan made sheets where the kids did cut/paste to complete the answers so I redid a few of them to suit my class since they are NOT the world's best cut/pasters!!  We did more equation and true/false kind of sheets, but it all worked out perfect.  I was VERY happy with BOTH of these center packs and already can't wait until next year to do it again!  Here they are doing the math centers.
Comparing Condiments
 Fruit Salad Shapes
 Crunching Numbers
 Place Value Punch
 Grilling Up Fractions

If you are interested in these fun and educational centers with a good review of Common Core skills, check them out here!  Just click on the picture to head over to her blog to see what she has to say and how she used them in her classroom.  If you just want the link to take you right to the Tpt store click HERE.  (This link is for the bundle with both literacy and math, but from there you can find them independently if you want.)  Reagan is also having a fundraiser for a student in her class whose father is having a major surgery for bone cancer next month.  It is such a sweet cause!!  For a small donation you will receive a HUGE package of supplies to get next year started off right!  

See you soon for more adventures from the week!

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