Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Plenty of Paint

Last night I told the kids that we would paint, yes, PAINT, today if they were really good while I had to run some errands this morning.  They woke up ready to roll this morning, so we got ready, headed out, and then wound up at Walmart to buy all kinds of stuff to paint.  I checked out painting with kids on Pintrest and found a cool SALT painting activity.  You draw your picture with glue, pour salt over the glue, and then paint with water colored with food coloring.  (You don't actually paint it, you just kind of touch it with the water.)  When the water hits the salt it spreads a little and you can then blend the colors and make a really pretty picture.  They recommended that you use a bright paper or black behind it to really make it show.  (ALERT:  Take lots of pictures because these don't really look great or stick to the paper after they dry, at which point they don't care anymore anyways! LOL)

Here are the pictures we all came up with....

THEN, we also found some cool wooden things to paint in the craft section (where we picked up a 25 pack of assorted paintbrushes that were ALL used) and got to work on those.

Ben worked on a picture carousel that spins and holds a different picture on each side.  We still need to take some new pics for it so there isn't a final product, but here he is painting away.....

Meghan chose a picture frame, pink, purple, and blue paint, and several brushes and sponges!  She had such a good time.  We were able to put a picture in hers, but I think I'm gonna get some glossy something or another to put over all the work we did today to spruce it up.  Here she is hard at work and her final product.

I found some cute little containers with hinges on the back that I could paint.  I want to add a little more to them later, but here is what mommy did....

Since Meghan finished long before the rest of us she got to do some poster painting too!  
What kid doesn't like FINGER PAINT?!!?!!?

After all that we cleaned up and they played in the backyard while I did a little creating here on the computer.  I was planning on taking her to daycare tomorrow, but I think we may hit the playground instead and draw on the trampoline with sidewalk chalk (Thanks again, Pinterest!)

For now, it's way after bedtime but they are in the playroom waiting on me so we can go lay on the trampoline and look at the stars and get some cuddle time....what could be better than that?

Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed night!! :)



  1. How much fun!! I love the little boxes you painted - you got those at Wal Mart? I'm using my Spring Break to get all crafty, too. :) Your children are beautiful, Angie. What a fun day! :)

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. Yes! They had TONS of cute wooden things to paint there. I was really surprised, but excited to not just be painting on paper! Thanks about my tots! They are treasures to me!!

  2. I LOVE all your painting ideas!!! I am going to do the glue and salt one with my kids. :) I am glad you found me...I am your newst follower!

    1. YAY!! I'm glad you got something from my blog! The salt paint really was fun, but they did get trashed this morning. I would highly recommend it though! Hope you guys have fun! And hope it warms up for you soon too. It was in the 80s here today and absolutely beautiful!!!


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