Saturday, April 13, 2013


I was going through some old class photos and found these from October where we played "Suck the Seeds" with pumpkin seeds at our class Fall Festival.  All that we needed were cups, straws, and seeds.  The object was to suck the seeds up with the straw (NO HANDS) and put it in the cup.  I set a timer because that makes it more interesting.  The one with the most at the end of the allotted time WINS!  The kids LOVED this and had so much fun!

 SOOOOO, I was thinking.....since I am doing a week of Spring/Earth Day/Flowers the week of April 22 it would be awesome to play Suck the Seeds again with SUNFLOWER SEEDS!!  (Insert me doing a happy dance!!)  My group of little monkeys will be so excited to get to do this again.  I guess we could use other seeds/beans too :)  This will be a fun way to spend that Friday.  I will post more pics after we do it again.  I think we will probably "Attack the Trash" on the playground too to help save our planet.  If you have other fun games we could play during the week that deals with Earth Day, Seeds/Flowers, or Spring I would love to hear about it so I can add to the agenda!

If you are looking for a little Earth Day quicky, here is the newest project I've been working on.  A friend of mine emailed last night and said she needed an Earth Day syllable sort and just couldn't find anything like what was in her head.  Since I've gotten to know her pretty well, I whipped up something to her fancy and finished it (at 1:30 in the morning) so I could send it to her.  She was thrilled and I hope that some of you can find it useful as well.  She loves SCOOT games so I made it so that it could be a Scoot game with this recording sheet, or using the same sheet and the syllable sort cards it could be an independent center (or small group).
 Click here to purchase at my Tpt store for $1.50.


Before I go let me tell you about what I have in store for next week.  I'm using Kelly's (First Grade Fairytales) Manners Unit that I bought a few weeks ago.  I think that we really need this, especially at this time of the year!!!  I'm using a lot of her ideas, some from my friend Dawn, and some that I came up with from books I found online.
SHOUT OUT!!!!  If you want to check out the FABULOUS unit from Kelly visit her blog First Grade Fairytales!  BUT, while you are there I recommend you check out more than just this page.  She is always putting out AMAZING things and is so super sweet!  You can find ideas for so many different projects on her site.  (She had me having to run out to the Dollar Tree ASAP yesterday with something she posted about!)  Check her out!  You won't be disappointed!!

My favorite book find is What if Everybody Did That?  I found it for the Kindle (much cheaper) and can show it up on the Smart Board.  I borrowed scenarios from the pages so that the kids can do a writing project telling what they think would happen in different situations if people made poor choices.  You can check out the book here.

Excerpt:  During story time I had something important to say. I just couldn't wait till the end of the story. The librarian put her finger to her lips and said, “What if everybody did that?” It doesn't give any answers to the questions, just leaves them open-ended and shows some crazy pictures of some possibilities.  I love that the kids will have to INFER what would happen.  Anyways, I talk too's a great book!

Spring Break is winding down, and though I am really excited to get back to school and see my kids, my friends (co-workers, LOL) and get busy with all the cool stuff I have planned, a part of me is now getting excited about summer.  30 days!!!  The countdown begins....

Have a FANTABULOUS night!!


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