Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Crazy times, Alligators, and Pirates!

OMG!  I haven't blogged in like forever!!  I'm sorry, but things have been crazy.  The end of the school year brings on so much excitement, but also SO MUCH PAPERWORK!!!  PLUS, I was spoiled having Millie with me and now that she's gone I'm playing catch-up.  Well, I finished DIBELS and STAR yesterday and spent a great deal of time today working on POI (pyramid of intervention) folders while trying to work on memory books and keep the kids satisfied (AND without getting to use the printer because it was offline for TWO WHOLE DAYS).  The printer is fixed now, thank the Lord, but much more to do.

Anyways, you know I get get winded, but I wanted to share something very special to me.  We started our memory books and today they wrote three things about themselves and three things they learned about their Troop Leader (that's ME) this year.  Here is the one that melted my heart.  #3 She is the best teacher and is super fun too.  Gotta love it!
For Mother's Day we took a little daycation to Okeefenokee Swamp (my choice) even though it was over 2 hours away.  It was an AWESOME trip and we went at the perfect time...before the biting flies and bugs come out and start eating you!!  This momma alligator swam right up to the boat (we were in the front seat) and lead us to where her babies were swimming around.  I tell you...awesome.  Here are some of the pics from there....
 My little family!
Having a little fun with Ol Roy!  
It was amazing that as soon as we stepped out of the car there was a gator roaming the parking lot.  Had to keep my two little "gator bites" close!!  LOL

We started out the week this week reading How I Became a Pirate.  We did Kelly's (First Grade Fairytales) Treasure Chest of Cause and Effect (in groups) and then we made adorable little pirates.  Click HERE to grab her Cause and Effect activity! She has the link to the pattern for the pirates too, but it was kind of small so I just drew them a little bigger when we did it.
To add a little more to it I let them have some paper to make a treasure map on.  Then they wrote about it.  The topic was:  "What is in your hidden treasure?  Where can we find it?  How long has it been hidden?  What will you give me if I help you find it?"
Some just wrote about pirates and treasures (of course), but these did me proud!!

I also added a little category word work as well.  I grabbed some pirates from and added them to these sheets.  Each student in the class had a different category to write at least five words for.  
If you would like the writing papers or the category papers you can click HERE to get them for FREE.  There are also some pages for making numbers with Messages in a Bottle.  Don't have a pic of those, but if you grab it you'll see what I mean.  Would love to hear what you think!  Hope you'll come back to visit me soon!!
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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Guest Blogging

I am so eXciTeD to be guest blogging for Kelly at First Grade Fairytales today!!  Hop over and visit me there sometime today!  Kelly has become a great friend and I am honored that she asked me to do this for her while she is AT THE BEACH (and it's pouring down rain here in South Georgia)!  Heading off to enjoy a little more time with the in-laws before they get on the road back home.  I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!

Oh yeah, and I'm just now getting around to doing this BUT I'm a Georgia Blogger!!  I linked up with Fifth in the Middle to let you know where I am and to find out where some of you are too!  I even got this cute blog button to add to my page.  I LOVE living in Georgia, no place I'd rather be, so I'll wear this button proudly!!

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

How Do You Eat A WORM?!?!?!?

OK, so yesterday on my Five for Friday I told you that we did some awesome worm activities when we learned about plants this week.  I wanted to share a little more of that with you today.  I was so impressed that I only had 4 out of 17 kids that were too scared to touch the worms (since remember I am TERRIFIED of them) and some even let them crawl all over them.  I was looking for an activity to do with the worms (that they requested I bring in for them) so I found some really cute things at First Grade Fever.

First, I placed a container of swirly pasta covered in oil into a bag.  I went around and each student put their hands in to guess what it was.  Millie was on camera duty and caught some of the funniest faces.  Here are a couple of them.

After that they wrote what they THOUGHT was in the bag and drew a picture.  Then I took out the pasta and showed them what was ACTUALLY in the bag.  Some of them were totally relieved!  They thought it was really funny though, and then wrote and drew the actual picture as well. (Sorry, forgot to take pics of these writings).
I made a notebook for the Smart Board of WORM FACTS with tons of different worm pictures.  On the last slide I put what we were going to do and we made a list of ways to make the worm taste better.  Here is what we came up with....
Here I am with the worms....can you see the terror on my face?!?  The things we do for our kids.....
Anyways, then we went around and got pictures of them all holding the worm up (gummy worms for those who were worried about holding a worm, especially over their mouth) and started on our writing assignment.  After they finished their writings they put the whole thing together and labeled their picture with WORM and ME labels.  They were so proud.

It was definitely worth it because they had a blast, but I'm glad I don't have to do it again until next year.  That was all the worms I could take!!!  BTW, we took the worms out to our tree that we planted last week for Earth Day and put them all around it.  It had recently rained so they had no trouble heading on down to do their thing to help our tree grow!  BONUS!

Thanks again First Grade Fever for the great ideas!!

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Crazy Week - Time for a little Five for Friday

Time for Five for Friday.... linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my random five things of the week!

It's been a WILD and CRAZY week!!!  I have barely been hanging on with so much to do! I will start with a picture of my beautiful, smart, wonderful,, creative, talented student teacher.  Today was her last day and I will miss her SOOOOOO much.  She did an AMAZING job this semester and has set the bar REALLY HIGH for any others that come after her.  I can't say enough how proud of her I am and how much greatness I wish for her in the future!  GO MILLIE MARIE!!  We all love you!
Here is one of the cupcakes that I made for Millie's going-away party today.  I found the adorable flower cupcake papers at Kmart and since we learned about plants this week it worked out perfectly.  I thought they were pretty cute (if I do say so myself) and they tasted good too!  
 At the end of last week we made fruit pizza with Chef Ad J. Tive from Heather @ Heather's First Grade Heart.  The kids LOVED the activities that she suggested and had a ton of fun.  I was really proud of their ideas and how well they found the adjectives in the clues.
 To practice making inferences this week we did "What's in the Teacher's Bag?" from Kelly @ First Grade Fairytales.  I let them go through my purse and pull out things and then we wrote what they could tell about me from the things in my bag.  So much excitement when I said "hey!  I'm gonna let you go through my purse today!"  YAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!  Who knew?!?
 Then this week as we learned about plants and made some awesome plant creations (see previous post) we talked about the importance of worms in relation to plants.  We made dirt sundaes on Wednesday and then I decided that I would run out that afternoon and get some REAL worms to play with.  Disclaimer:  I am TERRIFIED of worms.  My husband calls it an irrational fear, but I honestly am!!!  I handed them out with garden gloves on.  I WILL NOT touch them with my bare hands.  ANYways, a coworker sent me over to First Grade Fever where they had JUST done the project I wanted to do!!  YAY for insight and helpful suggestions.  She has some great sheets to go with her worm activities.  We wrote papers on How To Eat A Worm after taking pictures of them holding it up pretending to eat it.  {Side note:  to show my personal children and myself how silly it was for us to all be scared of worms my husband DID really EAT a worm the night before - which totally brought a whole new feeling to the writings the next day!  I couldn't even eat dinner I was so wigged out!!!  Ewwwwwwwwww!!!!}  This little girl was obviously NOT afraid and even let it crawl all over her face.  OMG I was freaking out!  More later this weekend on the whole worm day!  Can't wait to show you some of their writings.
Well, that's my five....Grandma and Grandpa are on the way from near ATL to visit for the weekend and we haven't seen them since Christmas so the kids are WILD with excitement and I have to finish cleaning the house!  Hop on over and link up with the Five for Friday and share your craziness for the week!

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