Friday, May 3, 2013

Crazy Week - Time for a little Five for Friday

Time for Five for Friday.... linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my random five things of the week!

It's been a WILD and CRAZY week!!!  I have barely been hanging on with so much to do! I will start with a picture of my beautiful, smart, wonderful,, creative, talented student teacher.  Today was her last day and I will miss her SOOOOOO much.  She did an AMAZING job this semester and has set the bar REALLY HIGH for any others that come after her.  I can't say enough how proud of her I am and how much greatness I wish for her in the future!  GO MILLIE MARIE!!  We all love you!
Here is one of the cupcakes that I made for Millie's going-away party today.  I found the adorable flower cupcake papers at Kmart and since we learned about plants this week it worked out perfectly.  I thought they were pretty cute (if I do say so myself) and they tasted good too!  
 At the end of last week we made fruit pizza with Chef Ad J. Tive from Heather @ Heather's First Grade Heart.  The kids LOVED the activities that she suggested and had a ton of fun.  I was really proud of their ideas and how well they found the adjectives in the clues.
 To practice making inferences this week we did "What's in the Teacher's Bag?" from Kelly @ First Grade Fairytales.  I let them go through my purse and pull out things and then we wrote what they could tell about me from the things in my bag.  So much excitement when I said "hey!  I'm gonna let you go through my purse today!"  YAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!  Who knew?!?
 Then this week as we learned about plants and made some awesome plant creations (see previous post) we talked about the importance of worms in relation to plants.  We made dirt sundaes on Wednesday and then I decided that I would run out that afternoon and get some REAL worms to play with.  Disclaimer:  I am TERRIFIED of worms.  My husband calls it an irrational fear, but I honestly am!!!  I handed them out with garden gloves on.  I WILL NOT touch them with my bare hands.  ANYways, a coworker sent me over to First Grade Fever where they had JUST done the project I wanted to do!!  YAY for insight and helpful suggestions.  She has some great sheets to go with her worm activities.  We wrote papers on How To Eat A Worm after taking pictures of them holding it up pretending to eat it.  {Side note:  to show my personal children and myself how silly it was for us to all be scared of worms my husband DID really EAT a worm the night before - which totally brought a whole new feeling to the writings the next day!  I couldn't even eat dinner I was so wigged out!!!  Ewwwwwwwwww!!!!}  This little girl was obviously NOT afraid and even let it crawl all over her face.  OMG I was freaking out!  More later this weekend on the whole worm day!  Can't wait to show you some of their writings.
Well, that's my five....Grandma and Grandpa are on the way from near ATL to visit for the weekend and we haven't seen them since Christmas so the kids are WILD with excitement and I have to finish cleaning the house!  Hop on over and link up with the Five for Friday and share your craziness for the week!

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