Saturday, May 4, 2013

How Do You Eat A WORM?!?!?!?

OK, so yesterday on my Five for Friday I told you that we did some awesome worm activities when we learned about plants this week.  I wanted to share a little more of that with you today.  I was so impressed that I only had 4 out of 17 kids that were too scared to touch the worms (since remember I am TERRIFIED of them) and some even let them crawl all over them.  I was looking for an activity to do with the worms (that they requested I bring in for them) so I found some really cute things at First Grade Fever.

First, I placed a container of swirly pasta covered in oil into a bag.  I went around and each student put their hands in to guess what it was.  Millie was on camera duty and caught some of the funniest faces.  Here are a couple of them.

After that they wrote what they THOUGHT was in the bag and drew a picture.  Then I took out the pasta and showed them what was ACTUALLY in the bag.  Some of them were totally relieved!  They thought it was really funny though, and then wrote and drew the actual picture as well. (Sorry, forgot to take pics of these writings).
I made a notebook for the Smart Board of WORM FACTS with tons of different worm pictures.  On the last slide I put what we were going to do and we made a list of ways to make the worm taste better.  Here is what we came up with....
Here I am with the worms....can you see the terror on my face?!?  The things we do for our kids.....
Anyways, then we went around and got pictures of them all holding the worm up (gummy worms for those who were worried about holding a worm, especially over their mouth) and started on our writing assignment.  After they finished their writings they put the whole thing together and labeled their picture with WORM and ME labels.  They were so proud.

It was definitely worth it because they had a blast, but I'm glad I don't have to do it again until next year.  That was all the worms I could take!!!  BTW, we took the worms out to our tree that we planted last week for Earth Day and put them all around it.  It had recently rained so they had no trouble heading on down to do their thing to help our tree grow!  BONUS!

Thanks again First Grade Fever for the great ideas!!

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  1. Loved reading your post! Just found your blog through Five for Friday... I am a new follower and will be back to read future posts!

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