Saturday, June 29, 2013

Currently....WOW, it's been awhile!!

So I took a vacay from the blogging world when school let out and can't believe how long it's been since I was on here!  WOW!  Anyways, I hooked up with bloglovin tonight so I could keep all my favorite blogs and realized that I needed to slow it down and work on my own....

I joined Farley's Currently for July and took some time for myself to do some thinking about myself for a change.
listening....I've been listening to the water running in the fish tank for like 2 days now, wondering when it was going to refill itself so it would stop making me feel like I had to go to the bathroom a million times a day.  Guess I better get on that tomorrow!!  Don't think it's gonna fill itself after all.

loving....I was tricked into weeding our really huge garden last week, for like 3 days in a row at least 2 hours a day.  It was supposed to be my SON weeding, but it was "too hot" "I'm thirsty"  "I don't want to get dirty"  " I don't want to have to bend down" "oh, hey!  I found a pet snail".  The last one cinched it!  I had totally lost him.  However, as much as it hurt, it had to be done, and the more I worked the better I felt.  SO...I decided that I would start working out on my step and stability ball and quit COKE and RED BULL (my life forces) and try to lose some weight.  After the week in the garden, before I started the rest, I had already lost 4 pounds.  Another 2 so far this week so I am loving that MAYBE (fingers crossed really hard) I can get some of this weight off and be better energized and healthy for my family and myself.

thinking....It hit me today that I don't spend enough quality time with my son (almost 8).  Before Meghan (who's almost 3) he was my world.  We spent all day everyday together, played games, cuddled, went places, etc.  Now he's older and I am always either too tired, or too busy with something that my OCD takes over for me to work on, and I don't do those things with him anymore.  Meghan gets plenty of cuddle time and nail painting and drawing etc., but I find myself too often telling Ben to "go to the playroom" "go read a book" "it's time to go play outside" and don't spend nearly enough time with him.  I know that sounds horrible, and in my defense we do plenty of snuggling at story time at night before prayers at bedtime and we usually have a long talk about the day or whatever he wants to talk about, BUT I don't take the time to just do things with HIM.  (My husband and I try to do inexpensive things with them both too, like little day trips, and they always love it and have fun, I just never feel like I do ENOUGH, ya know?)  I know he's too old now for the snuggling she gets everyday, but I have to make time to do things he wants to do like I used to.  Really struggling with this revelation tonight.  He's spoiled rotten, and he gets anything that he wants, but I think that so many of the things that HE struggles with would be solved if I just did a better job on my end.  I'm beating myself up really, but I just want to be the best mom I can to both of them.  Parenting is the HARDEST job in the world!  I wouldn't trade it for anything though!  It's the most amazing and wonderful thing that a person could ever do too!!  I love my kids to the ends of the universe and back!  I just need to "play" more.  I need to watch movies WITH them instead of just letting them have a movie night without me so I can do something else.  I need to jump on the trampoline and get dirty when they want "water day" and blow bubbles and play games and cook with them.  That's my goal for this month.  School starts in less that 4 weeks for us and I'm thinking I want to play as much as possible!!  

wanting....we are getting our carpet ripped out and replaced with tile in our classrooms so I'm wanting a classroom rug BADLY for our meeting place, especially because I'm starting the Daily 5 and so that's why I need book boxes, and who doesn't ALWAYS need new pencil sharpeners?!?

needing.....patience.  I think that says it all, really.  Kind of goes with what I'm thinking up there

tip....I have been leveling all my classroom books by A-Z level (which has turned out to be a MASSIVE project) and have had to scour through so many book lists.  Millie taught me to hit Ctrl F to get a little FIND searchbar on ANY document or even on a web page.  I can do that, type the name of the book, and it takes me right to it so I'm not reading up and down list after list of books.  I've used this other times too and can't believe I never knew it existed!!!  SO, if you didn't know it, try it.  It's awesome!

Well, I've talked your ears off tonight it seems and I didn't mean to get SOOOOO long-winded.  So if you are still reading, thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog get all this out of my head.  Hope you are having a amazing weekend coming up to the 1st of July and continue to have a safe and happy 4th! (My birthday :) Yay!)  See you soon!

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    1. Thanks! It's hard work but at least I'm trying, right?!? Thanks for dropping by!

  2. You sound like an amazing mom! I can tell how caring you are just by the concern you show! How lucky your kids are to have you! :-). Thanks so much for that awesome hint about control F. I can't wait to try it!


    1. Hope that tip helps you, and thank you for your kind words! Had a little PMS madness last night when I wrote this and you know how that can make a girl feel a little worthless...I appreciate your comments and that you stopped by my page to read my Currently!

  3. <3 you girl! Don't beat yourself up, try harder everyday! I loved reading your currently and got a super big smile on my face when I saw your button on the link up! :) Have fun, we will be back at it soon enough. xoxo


    1. Thanks Tara! Finally downloaded the app and decided it was time to get back on the bandwagon before things start getting crazy!! Need you to text me your number because I lost it when I got a new phone and can't call you!!

  4. I'm envious you've lost 6 pounds! Congrats. I said I was going to get in better shape this summer, but I have zero self control. Sonic Happy Hour calls out to me daily!! I have a Dr. Pepper addiction that I am trying to replace with a Diet Coke addiction.

  5. Thanks for leaving me a note!! I love Sonic too, but have been avoiding it at all costs the last couple weeks. Weight is going off slowly, but feel better without all the sugar. Just a little tip....I read A LOT about Diet/Sugar-Free stuff and sometimes the artificial sweeteners can be just as bad, if not worse, than the sugar. I use Truvia or Stevia Raw in my coffee as they are supposed to be the least harmful and actually don't taste that bad. Just food for thought... Good luck! Hope to hear from you again sometime! Have a fabulous night!


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