Thursday, July 4, 2013

Celebrating my birthday and the 4th feeling LOVED!!

Two years ago we got a high school apprentice that changed my life.  She was amazing in the classroom so I brought her home with me and introduced her to my family.  She became our babysitter, but after all this time she's become SO MUCH MORE!!  She comes over regularly just to "hang out" and she's great with the kids (who love her to death).  We workout together sometimes and sometimes we just talk or watch movies.  She listens when I need to vent and I listen to her and give her advice where I see fit.  She's not just that high school apprentice anymore, she's my FRIEND, and I love her so much!  Yesterday, the day before my birthday, she showed up to watch Big Brother (one of our favorites) with me and afterwards she went out in the playroom and made this BEAUTIFUL card with my my kids.  Since I turn 37 today, she listed 37 reasons why they love me.  I am BEYOND touched and wanted to share this sweetness with you. 
 Never take for granted or underestimate the influence that you have on others, OR the influence they have on you!  

In addition to this beautiful card, my FABULOUS in-laws sent me these GORGEOUS red, white, and blue flowers because they love me so much.  They are another of the HUGE blessings in my life and I honestly don't know where I would be without them!  They are two of the most fabulous people that I have ever met and love me unconditionally.  I count my blessings often!!  But Holly and Jim Monahan are always up near the top of the list!!  Thank you for letting me be your "daughter" and loving me the way you do!!

Today the kids and I baked a cake together (Funfetti with cream cheese icing and sprinkles on top too, of course) and they painted some Red, White and Blue pictures with their hand-prints mixed in.  Too precious!  And tomorrow I get to have my family dinner with MY AWESOME parents that I absolutely adore and would be lost without!  Most girls are "daddy's girls" (and I do LOVE my daddy tons) but without my daily talk with my mom I don't know where I would be!  She's my rock and I love her SOOOO much!!   My brother wanted to be here for it though so we are waiting until he gets here from Atlanta!  Can't wait!  My cake was good, but man, my momma makes the BEST cake in the world!!!!!  PLUS, you can't ever beat your own mamma's cooking!!  YUM!!  
Well, my sweet, dedicated, hard-working, and oh,so handsome  hubby is in the kitchen making me a SUPER FANTABULOUS birthday dinner so I'm gonna go hang with him for a bit and then enjoy some of his Sweet and Sour Pork and fresh garden veggies with him and the kids.  Maybe we can all get in a few games of Uno tonight too!  

I hope that you all have a very Happy and Safe 4th of July!!!  See you soon!

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