Saturday, August 24, 2013

The WONDERFUL Wizard of Oz

Yesterday was FABULOUS!  Our school system follows the Common Core Frameworks and so we have been reading The Wizard of Oz for the past 2 weeks.  One of my parents works at Books-a-Million and let me borrow the POP-UP version of the story to read along with the chapter book and the kids couldn't have been more engaged!!
The kids did a lot of work!  We did character maps of Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, the Good Witch, and the Wicked Witch.  We also did a setting chart to list all the different settings in the book.  I made some labeling sheets for some of the characters too that the kids LOVED to color and label.  I was really proud of them.  They made a rainbow mystery picture by finding numbers (before, between, and after) on the 120 chart.  They wrote about their favorite characters.  I love this:  My favorite character is the Tin Man because he was made of metal.  LOL  The kids enjoyed coloring the characters and sequencing them.  We made a tally chart and graphed which WITCH was our favorite in the story and we sorted nouns from the book into Person, Place, and Thing categories.  BUSY!  BUSY!!  BUSY!!!

After we read the book and did all of our activities we invited the parents to come and join us to watch the movie!!  Woot! Woot!  There were so many that had never seen it and they were THRILLED to get to watch it!!  We turned it into a party too (of course!) and had Over the Rainbow Cupcakes, Yellow Brick Road Rice Crispy Treats, Wicked Witch Juice, and Cyclones (Bugles) - and we had popcorn during the movie too!!  It was really awesome.  I had a good amount of parents come in and join us and am so thankful for their support and participation.  I love to have them in as much as I can get them.  Here are some pictures of the yummies...

I get the pleasure of teaching with Stacy from Funky Fresh Firsties and she made all of the teachers on our grade level an awesome t-shirt to wear yesterday.  Here I am in mine.  We did our hair and wore sparkly shoes too!  (Did you know that the shoes in the book were SILVER????, not RUBY RED???)  I found some at Walmart and was so excited to wear them (though the blister is killing me today)!! The kids thought it was too cool that I did my hair like Dorothy too! LOL

OHHHHH!!  Our A.W.E.S.O.M.E. librarian tries really hard to do things to help us out when we have things like this so she dressed up like the Wicked Witch and made an appearance at our parties!  It was so fun and the screams were priceless!!
If you are interested in finding some of the activities we did this week:
The labeling sheets are available at my Tpt store.  Click HERE if you would like to grab them.  Funky Fresh Firsties has TWO really great mini-units to go with the book too.  Click HERE for the HUGE Lion, Tigers, and Bears...Oh MY! pack and HERE for the Wizard of Oz Graphtivity pack.  You won't be disappointed!!  

So that's it for me folks!  Here is my faithful, amazing, talented, supportive, encouraging, hysterical, loving, caring 1st grade team of Hotties (and Joni, the librarian) together yesterday.  We were grinning ear-to-ear all day as we helped make memories for our sweet little boys and girls!  Can't wait to see what else we come up with this year!!!!

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Monkeys to Mateys -- AHOY!!!

So I decided the day before Pre-planning this year that I would completely change my theme in my classroom and I would become a Captain of the ship for my little "Mateys" instead of Monkeys.  I was TOO excited about the change, but didn't grasp ALL THAT ENTAILED!!!!  I had to redo EVERYTHING in my classroom.  Here is a peek of what I have going on.

 My sign hanging outside the classroom (we all have one with our names and a picture of what we are).
 My Captain's Crew reading group board (still grouping them so names haven't been added yet). 
 Book box labels for Daily 5
 The Pirate's Cove Daily 5 rotation board - still working on Read to Self so we haven't started moving yet but there will be names and little velcro dots so they can choose where to start each day.
 My door:  Welcome to Mrs. Monahan's class....where every child is "treasured."
 Swab the Decks classroom jobs.  I covered my clothespins with Washi tape and wrote the names on them.  We keep our jobs for a whole semester so I don't have to move them but once a year, which is HEAVEN.  If you are interested in the Matey Jobs you can click here to go to my Tpt store.
The cover of our homework folder.
And last but not least, the BEHAVIOR board. there's a story here.  There are a ton of behavior charts out there that have 7 colors or positions.  That is what I STARTED with, and you can find it here.  BUT, this week our grade level, along with PreK and K, decided that 7 was too many spots and we dropped down to 5.  I had to do some tweaking, but it is all ready to start up Monday morning.  We also are now implementing a Positive Behavior Intervention Strategy of using a yard stick (with the 5 colors/spots) and clothespins to go with the chart so that it can be carried ANYWHERE in the school.  It is with us in the hallway where students can move their pin UP for "sailing smoothly" or DOWN because of "rough seas".  It goes to lunch for the parapro in case she needs to move a clip and to CAMP (Computer Lab, Art, Music, P.E.) classes as well.  I think this will really help and I'm SUPER pumped about starting it all up on Monday!!!  Here is what it all looks like.  It's my TREASURED BEHAVIOR wall.  I added rewards and consequences at the top so it is in writing.  I covered my clothespins with some Prism tape and wrote the names on and separated my colors with washi tape (that stuff is just awesome for so many reasons)!  If you like what you see I also included a parent letter and a chart for sending home daily where you can record where your students "docked their ship" at the end of the day.  (They also earn money each day to spend in the treasure chest on Friday).  It's all in the packet on Tpt!
Some close ups.....

Like I said, the pack has 7 colors and spots but I would be HAPPY to personalize the colors for you if you like it but need them to be different.  Just email me and let me know!!

NOW... for a little Pinterest LOVE
I feel in love with this off Pinterest the other day. I really wanted to do it.  That, however, could NOT work in my classroom (no matter how much I LOVE it) because anyone who knows me knows everything has to go together....SOOOOOOO....OCD working here......I came up with Treasured Days and we will add yellow dot stickers(gold, me hearties) to count up to 100 days of school.  I'm so excited about this.  It's kind of in a corner, but it works!  (Going to add a little more "bling" to it after a trip to Hobby Lobby sometime soon this week).
Well, that's it!  It's been over a month since I blogged and I've missed it SOOOO much but with school starting 2 weeks ago I have just been trying not to SINK MY SHIP!  Thursday was the first day I felt like I was out of ROUGH SEAS and doing some SMOOTH SAILING.  Now my boat is a-floating and I'm ready to sail!  Have a great weekend!

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