Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bacon and Eggs Addition

I got the rare, but WONDERFUL gift of my mom babysitting my sweet kids last night (ON A SCHOOL NIGHT) and I got so much done!  I left the house before 6 this morning and on the way to school today's math lesson hit me.  I was planning to do a Minute to Win It activity with counting, but last night I made a little adding with ten frames and word problems activity page with a breakfast theme and it got me thinking......I remembered that I had some really cute felt bacon and fried eggs and some little blue plates tucked away in the file cabinet.  I rushed in and pulled them out and decided that we would work on adding with the bacon and eggs.
Aren't they so cute?!?!?  
I called up two students at a time;  one to pick the pieces to put on the plate and another to draw it on a ten frame (on a white board).  They were so excited!  We did a lot of talking about how 2 eggs and 3 pieces of bacon was the same as 3 pieces of bacon and 2 eggs - BONUS!  And then after many examples we moved to the sheet that I made.
The kids worked on the word problems, filling in the ten frames, and creating equations.  I was SO IMPRESSED with their work that I actually got teary (I know, sappy sap, but it was so encouraging and amazing to watch these little minds working so hard.)  They worked diligently to finish the sheet with the opportunity to color, cut apart, and make their own plate of bacon and eggs!
They turned out so precious!!!  After they picked up to 10 breakfast items they created a sheet with their bacon and eggs in a ten frame and an equation.  I'm not posting this on Tpt yet because I want to make a lot more sheets for a packet, but if you are interested in our activity you can click HERE to get what I have so far and used today.  There is also a sheet at the end with a little extension activity that I plan to use tomorrow.
 I hope that you've had fun reading about our Bacon and Egg Addition!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Have a great night and enjoy your BREAKFAST tomorrow!!!


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