Saturday, September 7, 2013

How to Blow a Bubble

Last week we had a TON of fun learning HOW TO BLOW A BUBBLE with some yummy Hubba Bubble Bubble Tape.  We used the activity to write a "How-to" paper. 

I gave them each almost a FOOT (yep!  the website I read said a LOT of gum) of bubble gum and had them chew and chew and chew while we watched a video on how to do it!  My little Mateys were SUPER DUPER excited about the challenge.
 My big bubble!
Working on it...
A little bit bigger... 
 and voila!  We have a BIG one!!!

 I bought pink balloons for those who just couldn't get it.  I didn't, however, expect that they couldn't really blow a balloon either though (harder than it sounds).  They did their best though.  You can see how hard they tried!!!  Here are some of the fun pics that I caught.  Totally forgot to take pictures of their writings, but they did great on those too!!!  We did First, Next, and Last and drew pictures to go with it.  I was really proud of their work!
 This little sweetie blew so hard her whole face was BEET red!!!  She didn't want to give up, but this is about the best she did!!  LOL
 This little man did a great job all on his own!
                       He was afraid to let it go!                      
Until next time, go grab you some gum and try blowing bubbles of your own!!!

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  1. I always LOVED this activity! The kids have so much fun chewing, they forget they're actually working on writing skills!

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