Monday, October 28, 2013

Peek at the week...with Charlie

I am so excited for this week!!!  Yes, it's Halloween, and I LOVE Halloween, but I'm most excited because we are going to finish reading Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and have a "Wild for Wonka" party on Friday (instead of a Halloween party) where there will be TONS of chocolate!  We will be watching the movie in the morning and having our party in the afternoon (after some awesome comparing and contrasting of the movie and text, of course).  I started getting my hallway display ready this weekend with some of the work that we have been doing.
I am pleased with my "Mr. Willy Wonka" who I didn't color to be the same as the movie, but rather the same as the description in the book.  We took the description and did a visualization activity.  I read it over several times and the kids formed pictures about what he would look like in their heads.  They then drew him to match the description.  Here are a couple of my favs!
We have also been working on Word Work activities from the Charlie packet I made for them to use.  
We have done Everlasting Gobstopper Compound Words...
Short and Long O Word Sort
Candy Jar Syllable Sort
and a Character Analysis and Sequence on a really long chocolate bar! Those are on the top and bottom of the wall pic above. - Best pic I had right now, sorry :( 

This coming week we will be doing a Noun/Verb Sort, writing sentences about the characters, ABC order with words from the story, estimating the number of gobstoppers in a jar and counting them, and then a graph of the LEAST favorite character (cause who wants to always do their FAVORITE!?!)
Today I created a home project where they are inventing their own candy/drink/food at home with their parents.  We made a name for each students creation, and they have to elaborate with their family at home (for example, Joshua's Jammin' Juice, De'Amondric's Delicious Donuts, Trayvon's Terrific Toffee).  They have to tell what it will taste like and some special wonderful/magical thing it will help you do. 
(I had one say he was going to make Rambo's Rainbow Gum - when you chew it you get skinnier!!!)
 Gimme some of THAT!!
Whew!!!!  That's a lot more to do - PLUS finish reading the book, but I am super pumped about it and think that the party on Friday will be a SWEET treat.  OH!  And I can't forget to show you the BEST THING EVER.....One of my students brought us a FIVE POUND CHOCOLATE BAR to share at the party!!  WOOT! WOOT!  I literally jumped up and hugged that momma really, really, really tight!  Will post more pics at the end of the week to share the rest of our activities and insight on how the party goes....

Get your "chocolate" on!!  This is the best week for it!!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Favorites with some Fabulous Friends

One of the other teachers on my team came up with a fabulous "Oprah-style" party idea for us to do yesterday.  The plan:  share your fall favorites with your friends.  We each picked something that we love and bought 11 copies of it (mine was pumpkin pie candles) and bring to give to each of your friends.  Then you get a gift of each friend's "favorite" too!  The plan was SOOOO wonderful and I came home with this beautiful bag of goodies from all my friends!  There is homemade pumpkin bread, a dryer-vent homemade pumpkin, 3 kinds of homemade soap, chocolate-covered pretzels, a Sonic card & Starbuck's card (who doesn't love those two places?), some Pumpkin Scented soap, some awesome EOS lip balm and hand lotion, my candle, a White Chicken Chili kit, and some tea.  It was all PRECIOUS!!!
We also each brought an appetizer - YUM!  It was all delicious and I left with a very full belly!
(forgot to get pics of all those cause I was hungry!!)
We are planning to do this again for our Christmas gathering we loved it so much.  I work with these ladies every day and really enjoyed getting to spend some down time with them.  A few were missing, and were certainly missed, but hopefully they can make it next time!!  It's always nice to slow down and spend quality time with the people you love and that inspire you on a daily basis.  I have learned something from EVERY lady there and they have all made a huge impact on my life!  I am lucky to have them and feel very blessed.  

That's it for today peeps!  Time to get to work on lesson plans for the week.  There is always SOOOO much stuff I want to do this time of year and not nearly enough time to squeeze it all in so I've got some finagling to do!  I hope you have a wonderful fall day!!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ghostly Freebie - Greater, Less & Equal

As I was grading some papers today I realized that I still have a handful of students who are still struggling with greater than, less, than, and even EQUAL numbers.  I grabbed up the computer and put together some worksheets that I hope will help them over the next couple of weeks to better understand the concept after I reteach them in a small group this week.  I wanted to give this little set of worksheets away as a Freebie to you!!!  If your kids are struggling with this too, or just need some extra practice OR you need a quick check assessment, please grab them at my store.  Click HERE or on the picture below!

And if you just love these little ghosts on the cover you can get them for FREE too from The Enlightened Elephant's store  or by clicking the picture below.  I just thought they were TOOO precious to pass up!!

I would LOVE to hear what you think.  Your feedback makes me soooo happy!  Headed off to spend my last day of Fall Break with the kiddos.  It's back to work tomorrow!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Finally found some TIME!!

I've had some pictures stored away in my Dropbox forever waiting on a time when I could sit down and share them with you.  FINALLY I have the time, and here is a peek at what we've been busily working on in the Matey classroom!
First up we have been working on 120 chart puzzles.  There was a task in our frameworks where the kids had to cut out puzzle pieces from a 120 chart and then have their neighbor put them back together.  I thought that this would be a little difficult, but most did it with ease.  I used the document camera to show them what to do first, and picked a volunteer to come up and put MY puzzle together.  She modeled it BEAUTIFULLY!  She took a piece and said "71, 72, OH, I need to find the piece with 73!"  Then she looked at another piece and said "21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 - I NEED to find 29!"  It went on and on like this until she had my puzzle completed!  I was SUPER impressed with her modeling of how to do this.  I think it really helped the others to see how she did it. Here are some pics from that activity.

A few weeks ago we learned about map skills.  I gave them a map of our school and we marked our room.  Then they picked their FAVORITE place to be in our school and put a star on that room.  They traced the path from our room to the room of their choice!  They LOVED this.  Then we went outside to take some pics to put "ME on the Map of My School!"  They wrote with the following prompt.  This is me on the map of my school.  My favorite place to be is ____________.  Here's a few to show off.  They were so pleased and LOVED seeing these hanging in our classroom. 
When working on counting large sets of number I used the Spill the Beans, Minute to Win It, and the Count it Up activities I found in this amazing set by Anna Brantley.  Click on the picture to go to her store.

They were PERFECT!  I loved using the set of 10 ten frames for them to lay their beans/random items on.  It REALLY helped them count the sets of 10 and incorporate place value while working with these large numbers.  It's the BEST EVER for teaching the Georgia Unit 2 Frameworks.  I used every single page in this unit!  You need to run over to her blog Fun-n-First and see her class with all these and more of this fabulous unit at work.  
Minute to Win it!
I set a timer for 1 minute.  One partner did the spinner and called out the number they counted on the ten frame, and the other partner counted out cubes to put in a pile.  When the timer went off they made an estimate and then put their counters in groups of 10 to easily count how many they really had.  Then their wrote the tens and ones on their recording sheet.  I thought this might be CRAZY, but I modeled it with another student and when I put them into 10 groups of 2 they did a FABULOUS job!  Everyone was working so diligently and there was NO PLAYING going on.  This has to be one of my favorite math games I've done this year.  
OK folks, that's it for today.  Granny has requested some time with the grandkids so I'm headed off to drop them off (with a bag in case they beg to stay and she agrees, sneaky, I know) and then I"m going to stop off at school and (fingers crossed the room is open) do some laminating.  I need to enter grades for report cards too so I guess I better get on it!  Hope that you've seen something here today that you want to try.  If so, I'd love to hear how it goes for you.  Also, if you have any other activities that you have done with the frameworks I would love to hear about it.  I'm always looking for ways to enhance them and make them more functional for my class.  Have a beautiful fall day!!!  It's so gorgeous outside!!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Break & Math Center Madness

I am so excited that this week is Fall Break for us!  Time to take a break and reflect on the year so far, drink lots of Pumpkin Spice coffee, sleep in late, and play with the kids.  Little man took off this weekend to the Braves game with his daddy, Grandpa, and Uncle P.  They had a blast.  While the boys were away the girls did play...Granny got Meghan her Halloween costume and we had to do a little dress up!  LOVE pumpkin pictures!!
Relaxing is great, but anyone who knows me knows that I haven't been too far away from my computer, and once my creative juices got flowing yesterday and today and I actually had a chance to get something done, and I've had trouble stopping!!!  Anyone else ever have that problem??  I wanted to share the centers that I have been working on and offer you some FREEBIES too!!  I LOVE this season and just feel really inspired!  

I started off thinking about how you can never really get enough graphing done, and I wanted the graphing to go in a cute center, so I created this FREEBIE for graphing kids in Halloween Costumes.  

Random:  Saw this on Pinterest and just HAD to share it. LOL
 Next I needed some extra practice for my class with making numbers with base ten blocks.  I created this center to help with that!  If you are interested in Falling for Base Ten Blocks, click HERE to go to my store.
 Another big skill that we have been practicing is SUBITIZING, and adding using a ten frame.  I created this little center to double as BOTH.  I can use the cards to flash for subitizing practice, or the kids can use them in a center to create equations!  This one has 16 cards, but I included a sheet for only using 12 if you wanted to give less to your kids.  It's called Making Fall Equations.
The last one that I finished today is called Spinning Spider Number Puzzles.  We have started using these at our school but I needed a lot more pages for practice with the skill of filling in missing numbers on cut out pieces of a 120 chart.  At the end I included 3 pages where students can find Halloween pictures and fill in the missing numbers on a big chunk of the chart.  There is a freebie page for you to sample included here as well.  
One more thing!  My super wonderfully talented and amazing friend Kelly at First Grade Fairytales has also made some FABULOUS math centers for the season as well.  You really should check them out!!!  Click HERE to see what she's been working on! (And she's got some really cute FREEBIES on her site too!)
OK, I've been sitting with the computer in my lap for too long and my poor little wrists can't take much more so I'm gonna run, but I hope that you enjoy your freebies and will want to check out some of the other centers that I created as well.  I'd love to hear from you!  I'll end with this quote that I found on Pinterest that I think it fitting for the season!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Around the World with FOOD!! YUMMMMY!!!

A few weeks ago we were learning about continents and oceans and I thought it would be YUMMY to have a little "foods from around the world" party where we could EAT and have some learning opportunities as well.  I sent out a request for supplies and LOOK what all we got!!
I was thrilled with all the goodies and it made for such a beautiful picture!  All week long we talked about where the foods from our school lunch menu came from and where they are most popular.  We lucked out and had tacos, refried beans, and spanish rice one day (Mexican, yes!!  I love it!) and we had Okra, black beans, and cornbread from Africa one day.  On Friday we went really American with corn dogs and french fries.  Another day we had Shepherd's Pie if I'm remembering right from Europe and Fish Sandwiches and Potatoes too.  So anyways, we started out eating, and AN HOUR LATER we were STILL eating!!  I was stuffed and they were too!  I have a sweet little girl from India in my class and her mom brought us some snacks that she made, some snacks ONLY found in India that she got on her last trip there, and cups of all the spices that she uses to cook their Asian food.  The kids got to look and smell them and it was really awesome!

From Asia we also had pistachio nuts and wasabi nuts (not so great!!)
From South America we had some homemade refried bean dip and tortillia chips (made from one of our mother's from South America)  and some fresh fruits found there.
We had bananas from Africa and Central/South America
We had popcorn and potato chips as the contribution from North America.
From Europe we had pretzels with honey mustard dip and NUTELLA (OMG heavenly goodness) and some pita bread.  In Australia we found Granny Smith apples and kiwi, and I can't remember where we said coconut was from but we had that too (some in the bag and some from the real coconut).
These are the plates that we ended up with after all the cutting up I did and dividing it out.  It really was just SOOO good and they loved it.  We talked about the continents and found them on the map as well.  I think that this is a MUST do for years to come and we may even be adding some other yummy foods to the list.  I really appreciate all the support that my parents gave for this project.  I couldn't have done it without them!  That was A LOT of food!!

Now after this I am starving and need to go rummage up some grub for dinner. 
 I hope you all have a wonderful night!