Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Around the World with FOOD!! YUMMMMY!!!

A few weeks ago we were learning about continents and oceans and I thought it would be YUMMY to have a little "foods from around the world" party where we could EAT and have some learning opportunities as well.  I sent out a request for supplies and LOOK what all we got!!
I was thrilled with all the goodies and it made for such a beautiful picture!  All week long we talked about where the foods from our school lunch menu came from and where they are most popular.  We lucked out and had tacos, refried beans, and spanish rice one day (Mexican, yes!!  I love it!) and we had Okra, black beans, and cornbread from Africa one day.  On Friday we went really American with corn dogs and french fries.  Another day we had Shepherd's Pie if I'm remembering right from Europe and Fish Sandwiches and Potatoes too.  So anyways, we started out eating, and AN HOUR LATER we were STILL eating!!  I was stuffed and they were too!  I have a sweet little girl from India in my class and her mom brought us some snacks that she made, some snacks ONLY found in India that she got on her last trip there, and cups of all the spices that she uses to cook their Asian food.  The kids got to look and smell them and it was really awesome!

From Asia we also had pistachio nuts and wasabi nuts (not so great!!)
From South America we had some homemade refried bean dip and tortillia chips (made from one of our mother's from South America)  and some fresh fruits found there.
We had bananas from Africa and Central/South America
We had popcorn and potato chips as the contribution from North America.
From Europe we had pretzels with honey mustard dip and NUTELLA (OMG heavenly goodness) and some pita bread.  In Australia we found Granny Smith apples and kiwi, and I can't remember where we said coconut was from but we had that too (some in the bag and some from the real coconut).
These are the plates that we ended up with after all the cutting up I did and dividing it out.  It really was just SOOO good and they loved it.  We talked about the continents and found them on the map as well.  I think that this is a MUST do for years to come and we may even be adding some other yummy foods to the list.  I really appreciate all the support that my parents gave for this project.  I couldn't have done it without them!  That was A LOT of food!!

Now after this I am starving and need to go rummage up some grub for dinner. 
 I hope you all have a wonderful night!



  1. Love love love!! I can't wait to do this when we study continents and oceans. What a cool and fun way to really travel around the world. Thanks so much for sharing this!!! :)

    First Grade Fairytales

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