Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Break & Math Center Madness

I am so excited that this week is Fall Break for us!  Time to take a break and reflect on the year so far, drink lots of Pumpkin Spice coffee, sleep in late, and play with the kids.  Little man took off this weekend to the Braves game with his daddy, Grandpa, and Uncle P.  They had a blast.  While the boys were away the girls did play...Granny got Meghan her Halloween costume and we had to do a little dress up!  LOVE pumpkin pictures!!
Relaxing is great, but anyone who knows me knows that I haven't been too far away from my computer, and once my creative juices got flowing yesterday and today and I actually had a chance to get something done, and I've had trouble stopping!!!  Anyone else ever have that problem??  I wanted to share the centers that I have been working on and offer you some FREEBIES too!!  I LOVE this season and just feel really inspired!  

I started off thinking about how you can never really get enough graphing done, and I wanted the graphing to go in a cute center, so I created this FREEBIE for graphing kids in Halloween Costumes.  

Random:  Saw this on Pinterest and just HAD to share it. LOL
 Next I needed some extra practice for my class with making numbers with base ten blocks.  I created this center to help with that!  If you are interested in Falling for Base Ten Blocks, click HERE to go to my store.
 Another big skill that we have been practicing is SUBITIZING, and adding using a ten frame.  I created this little center to double as BOTH.  I can use the cards to flash for subitizing practice, or the kids can use them in a center to create equations!  This one has 16 cards, but I included a sheet for only using 12 if you wanted to give less to your kids.  It's called Making Fall Equations.
The last one that I finished today is called Spinning Spider Number Puzzles.  We have started using these at our school but I needed a lot more pages for practice with the skill of filling in missing numbers on cut out pieces of a 120 chart.  At the end I included 3 pages where students can find Halloween pictures and fill in the missing numbers on a big chunk of the chart.  There is a freebie page for you to sample included here as well.  
One more thing!  My super wonderfully talented and amazing friend Kelly at First Grade Fairytales has also made some FABULOUS math centers for the season as well.  You really should check them out!!!  Click HERE to see what she's been working on! (And she's got some really cute FREEBIES on her site too!)
OK, I've been sitting with the computer in my lap for too long and my poor little wrists can't take much more so I'm gonna run, but I hope that you enjoy your freebies and will want to check out some of the other centers that I created as well.  I'd love to hear from you!  I'll end with this quote that I found on Pinterest that I think it fitting for the season!


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