Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Favorites with some Fabulous Friends

One of the other teachers on my team came up with a fabulous "Oprah-style" party idea for us to do yesterday.  The plan:  share your fall favorites with your friends.  We each picked something that we love and bought 11 copies of it (mine was pumpkin pie candles) and bring to give to each of your friends.  Then you get a gift of each friend's "favorite" too!  The plan was SOOOO wonderful and I came home with this beautiful bag of goodies from all my friends!  There is homemade pumpkin bread, a dryer-vent homemade pumpkin, 3 kinds of homemade soap, chocolate-covered pretzels, a Sonic card & Starbuck's card (who doesn't love those two places?), some Pumpkin Scented soap, some awesome EOS lip balm and hand lotion, my candle, a White Chicken Chili kit, and some tea.  It was all PRECIOUS!!!
We also each brought an appetizer - YUM!  It was all delicious and I left with a very full belly!
(forgot to get pics of all those cause I was hungry!!)
We are planning to do this again for our Christmas gathering we loved it so much.  I work with these ladies every day and really enjoyed getting to spend some down time with them.  A few were missing, and were certainly missed, but hopefully they can make it next time!!  It's always nice to slow down and spend quality time with the people you love and that inspire you on a daily basis.  I have learned something from EVERY lady there and they have all made a huge impact on my life!  I am lucky to have them and feel very blessed.  

That's it for today peeps!  Time to get to work on lesson plans for the week.  There is always SOOOO much stuff I want to do this time of year and not nearly enough time to squeeze it all in so I've got some finagling to do!  I hope you have a wonderful fall day!!!

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