Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Finally found some TIME!!

I've had some pictures stored away in my Dropbox forever waiting on a time when I could sit down and share them with you.  FINALLY I have the time, and here is a peek at what we've been busily working on in the Matey classroom!
First up we have been working on 120 chart puzzles.  There was a task in our frameworks where the kids had to cut out puzzle pieces from a 120 chart and then have their neighbor put them back together.  I thought that this would be a little difficult, but most did it with ease.  I used the document camera to show them what to do first, and picked a volunteer to come up and put MY puzzle together.  She modeled it BEAUTIFULLY!  She took a piece and said "71, 72, OH, I need to find the piece with 73!"  Then she looked at another piece and said "21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 - I NEED to find 29!"  It went on and on like this until she had my puzzle completed!  I was SUPER impressed with her modeling of how to do this.  I think it really helped the others to see how she did it. Here are some pics from that activity.

A few weeks ago we learned about map skills.  I gave them a map of our school and we marked our room.  Then they picked their FAVORITE place to be in our school and put a star on that room.  They traced the path from our room to the room of their choice!  They LOVED this.  Then we went outside to take some pics to put "ME on the Map of My School!"  They wrote with the following prompt.  This is me on the map of my school.  My favorite place to be is ____________.  Here's a few to show off.  They were so pleased and LOVED seeing these hanging in our classroom. 
When working on counting large sets of number I used the Spill the Beans, Minute to Win It, and the Count it Up activities I found in this amazing set by Anna Brantley.  Click on the picture to go to her store.

They were PERFECT!  I loved using the set of 10 ten frames for them to lay their beans/random items on.  It REALLY helped them count the sets of 10 and incorporate place value while working with these large numbers.  It's the BEST EVER for teaching the Georgia Unit 2 Frameworks.  I used every single page in this unit!  You need to run over to her blog Fun-n-First and see her class with all these and more of this fabulous unit at work.  
Minute to Win it!
I set a timer for 1 minute.  One partner did the spinner and called out the number they counted on the ten frame, and the other partner counted out cubes to put in a pile.  When the timer went off they made an estimate and then put their counters in groups of 10 to easily count how many they really had.  Then their wrote the tens and ones on their recording sheet.  I thought this might be CRAZY, but I modeled it with another student and when I put them into 10 groups of 2 they did a FABULOUS job!  Everyone was working so diligently and there was NO PLAYING going on.  This has to be one of my favorite math games I've done this year.  
OK folks, that's it for today.  Granny has requested some time with the grandkids so I'm headed off to drop them off (with a bag in case they beg to stay and she agrees, sneaky, I know) and then I"m going to stop off at school and (fingers crossed the room is open) do some laminating.  I need to enter grades for report cards too so I guess I better get on it!  Hope that you've seen something here today that you want to try.  If so, I'd love to hear how it goes for you.  Also, if you have any other activities that you have done with the frameworks I would love to hear about it.  I'm always looking for ways to enhance them and make them more functional for my class.  Have a beautiful fall day!!!  It's so gorgeous outside!!



  1. Hey Angie! I'm so happy to hear that you and your kiddos enjoyed the activities:) YAY!! Thank you so much for the sweet shout out:) It really made my day! XOXO


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