Monday, October 28, 2013

Peek at the week...with Charlie

I am so excited for this week!!!  Yes, it's Halloween, and I LOVE Halloween, but I'm most excited because we are going to finish reading Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and have a "Wild for Wonka" party on Friday (instead of a Halloween party) where there will be TONS of chocolate!  We will be watching the movie in the morning and having our party in the afternoon (after some awesome comparing and contrasting of the movie and text, of course).  I started getting my hallway display ready this weekend with some of the work that we have been doing.
I am pleased with my "Mr. Willy Wonka" who I didn't color to be the same as the movie, but rather the same as the description in the book.  We took the description and did a visualization activity.  I read it over several times and the kids formed pictures about what he would look like in their heads.  They then drew him to match the description.  Here are a couple of my favs!
We have also been working on Word Work activities from the Charlie packet I made for them to use.  
We have done Everlasting Gobstopper Compound Words...
Short and Long O Word Sort
Candy Jar Syllable Sort
and a Character Analysis and Sequence on a really long chocolate bar! Those are on the top and bottom of the wall pic above. - Best pic I had right now, sorry :( 

This coming week we will be doing a Noun/Verb Sort, writing sentences about the characters, ABC order with words from the story, estimating the number of gobstoppers in a jar and counting them, and then a graph of the LEAST favorite character (cause who wants to always do their FAVORITE!?!)
Today I created a home project where they are inventing their own candy/drink/food at home with their parents.  We made a name for each students creation, and they have to elaborate with their family at home (for example, Joshua's Jammin' Juice, De'Amondric's Delicious Donuts, Trayvon's Terrific Toffee).  They have to tell what it will taste like and some special wonderful/magical thing it will help you do. 
(I had one say he was going to make Rambo's Rainbow Gum - when you chew it you get skinnier!!!)
 Gimme some of THAT!!
Whew!!!!  That's a lot more to do - PLUS finish reading the book, but I am super pumped about it and think that the party on Friday will be a SWEET treat.  OH!  And I can't forget to show you the BEST THING EVER.....One of my students brought us a FIVE POUND CHOCOLATE BAR to share at the party!!  WOOT! WOOT!  I literally jumped up and hugged that momma really, really, really tight!  Will post more pics at the end of the week to share the rest of our activities and insight on how the party goes....

Get your "chocolate" on!!  This is the best week for it!!


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