Sunday, December 15, 2013


We wrote our letters to Santa this week.  We will be using the OREO organizer a lot next semester so I thought we should try it out now to help us with our papers.  They had to come up with the ONE thing they wanted MOST for Christmas.  Then they came up with 3 reasons/examples to go with it, and concluded with a closing sentence.  For their first time I think they did fabulous.  We posted them in the hallway for everyone to see.  There were A LOT of Easy-bake Ovens, and XBOX 360s, but the one that got me the most was from a little boy who lost his dog.  All he wants for Christmas is Blaze to come home.  I literally teared up when I read his rough draft!!
Otherwise we have been making snowmen and learning about holidays in different countries around the world.  On Tuesday we are going to trade rooms all morning and do crafts from the places we've "visited".  I think it will be a BLAST and something that they will remember!  I got AUSTRALIA so I'm sure after over 100 kids make SANDmen in my room on Tuesday it will look like we're at the beach too!! BWAHAHAH!!!  Ours will be on paper, but it must be cool to be in Australia for Christmas and make one of these...
I've been sitting here all day today printing out and laminating math and literacy centers for this coming week. I plan to keep them super engaged so that we all stay sane and make it until Friday.  I even wrapped 5 Christmas books so we can "unwrap a read-aloud" every day.  Just a little something to up interest, if you know what I mean.
I'm also planning to use Katie's (Teacher to the Core) Nice/Naughty Freebie to keep the happiness flowing in our room.  Just have to figure out what our extra treat will be for the party.  Have my elf, labels, and cubes laminated and ready to go up in the morning (if I don't get up to school today).  If you want to grab her freebie you can click the picture to go to her site.  There are more pieces to it that might work for you too!
We have our PreK-1st Christmas program for the whole school on Wednesday afternoon, parties on Thursday afternoon, and the program again for parents/guests on Friday afternoon so I'm hoping that the week flies by pretty smoothly.  Since this time of year is so busy I don't know if I will be blogging again before Christmas so in case I don't I want to wish you each a VERY Merry Christmas from my family to yours!


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