Monday, December 2, 2013

Hope I'm not too late!!

OHHHHH, I have been so busy making my list and checking adding to it over and over (AND we had a County Meeting today for Common Core with the whole 1st grade so I had sub plans to make), that I totally forgot to remind you about the big Cyber Sale at Tpt!!!  I know, I know, who doesn't know about that already???  But, I wanted to let you know my store is on sale for 20% off too, so with the code: cyber, you can get 28% off!!  
OK, I know that's really short, but I'm off to shop!!  Not only at Tpt, but I need to help Santa out over at Toys R Us and Amazon as well!! Hehehe!!!  Plue the kids are in the kitchen making stuff out of marshmallows and toothpicks with our elf Ralphie, so I gotta go grab some more pics and join in the fun too!  Happy Shopping!!!!


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