Friday, January 17, 2014

100 Cans by the 100th day???


My team decided last week to set a goal for our firsties of 100 cans by the 100th day to donate to our local food bank.  It gave them 8 days....countdown on....after 3 days we hit 101 cans for the whole 1st grade!  By the 100th day, which was this past Thursday for us, we had 279 cans to donate!!!  We tallied them and counted by 1 to 279, then we went back and counted by 5, then circled groups of 10 and counted by 10.  The students were so excited to help out the needy people in our community, and we were so very proud of them.  

Another fun activity was to have my kids bring in 100 (of the same item) that they could fit in a Ziplock bag.  We had red heart gems, hair beads, Froot Loops, Corn Puffs, macaroni noodles, pennies, and a couple of homemade items (pieces of gold counting by 5 to 100 with a rainbow & numerals + number words written to 100 and cut out to put in order).  We did a few together to see different ways to count to 100 (great review) and then I let them work in groups to count to 100 in whatever way they chose.  Check it out!
 Hard to see in pic, but each piece of gold is counting by 5
 This took like FORever to get laid out and lined up, but he was one PROUD little boy!!
 This groups did by 2, then by 5, AND by 10.  
Then the hearts spilled all over the sidewalk on the way to the bus later that afternoon and we got to pick them all up again!!  
 Groups of 2
Groups of 10

Some other things that we did for the 100th day were:
*Wrote to 100
*Flipped a coin 100 times - more HEADS or TALES?
*Found and wrote 100 words (using our little decodable readers from Saxon phonics)
*Made a list of 100 reasons we love our school (took awhile, but they really came up with some great things - hot dog and corn dog day, the pizza is yummy, literacy centers, we learn we are important, we are MOTIVATED MUSTANGS, Mrs. Monahan gives us big hugs, we get to learn a lot of sight words, RECESS, we get to make new friends.....)
*Took pictures with the Aging Booth app (99 cents on Itunes, FREE on Android) and wrote a paper about what we will be like when we are 100 years old.
        The pictures were SO FUNNY and they really enjoyed this writing activity.  If you like the paper or want some other ideas for your 100th day celebration Stacy at Funky Fresh Firsties has a great packet to use.  Just click on the picture of the unit below to go to her store.
 My 3 year old as a little old lady....she did the perfect face!!
 "I will get around in a wheelchair."
"For fun I will play Chess."
 "When I am 100 years old I will be fancy."
This little one is missing almost every front tooth in her mouth so her picture turned out even more like a little old lady than the rest of them!  (Big smiles!!)
Here is the pack we got our writing paper from.  Stacy has a lot of other ideas in here for the 100th day too!  I always LOVE everything she makes, and I especially love that I get to work with her everyday!! :)
Click pic to grab this by Funky Fresh Firsties

ONE MORE THING!!!  Just want to give a "shout-out" to my new Mini Matey, 
Miss Lauren Turner.  
She will be doing her student teaching placement with us (she started Monday) and will be with us until the last 2 weeks of school.  She came in on the first day and set her expectations high for the students and has already been SUCH as asset to our classroom.  I wish her luck this semester and hope that she enjoys "setting sail" with all the Monahan Mateys!  

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