Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3,000,000 STRONG SALE

Hey Friends!  It's almost time for the HUGE Tpt sale celebrating having 3,000,000 members!  WOW, that's a lot of dedicated teachers helping each other from all over the world.  I am so honored to be a part of this celebration.  My store will be on sale, and with the promo code  TPT3 you get 28% off my entire store!
Some of my most popular items are below.  
First up is my MORE Plain and Simple Hundreds Chart Activities.  I've had such a HUGE amount of downloads and feedback from my FREE version of this that I made another pack in case you guys wanted MORE.  Click on the pic if you would like to check it out.
I am HUGE on making True/False units, apparently, because I didn't realize how many items I had in my store to help you with that Common Core standard.  Here they are:
Here is a mini-unit for Missing Addends
Here are some of the mini-units that I've made to go along with some of the more popular books that follow the Common Core Frameworks.  Most are filled with extra ELA/Reading activities that go along with the books.
If you are looking for some extra stuff for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day, you should check out my BUNDLE of THREE products (Number Puzzles, Place Value with Dimes and Pennies, and Graphing).
AND if you are planning on being out for a day in March, or if you happen to get sick one day in March you can check out my NEWEST product.  It's a COMPLETE day of work for you to leave for a sub that will keep kids busy for hours.  All you need to do it print and go! (Had a friend today call in sick and use it already and said it was exactly what she needed.  Music to my ears.)
Well, I think that is probably WAY more than I should have showcased, but you know how it is when you get going on something, it's hard to stop.  If you are still with me, I hope that you have a FUNtastic time shopping tomorrow and Friday at the sale.  I have TONS of awesome things on my own Wish List that I can't wait to snag!!!  Don't forget to leave feedback on products that you already purchased to get even more taken off your total price using your points!  

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I'm linking up with A Burst of First and Lucky to Be in First for their NEW Sunday Funday linky party!  Sounds exciting and will make me more accountable to do FUN things during the week!  Normal weeks are no problem, but this week was Winter Break and I didn't go anywhere, didn't buy anything new, didn't see any movies.....I just RESTED, and RELAXED, and at the beginning of the week enjoyed the silence of my kids being at their Grandparents' house, and the middle/end of the week enjoying their laughter throughout the house and tons of time for hugs, snuggles, and playing games.  
We love playing UNO together, 
doing puzzles, 
coloring together, 
and watching t.v. with popcorn (who doesn't love that??) Here is a pic of how I found my sweets the other night while watching a movie in the playroom....made my heart feel so good to see them all sleeping sweetly together.
So this week I am making a goal to take pics of FUN things that I do, as I am going to try harder to make sure to DO THEM!  I think this is a great idea and a fun way to share our lives with each other!  Can't wait to see what fun YOU have had this week.  Be sure to go and link up for Sunday Funday!

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Five for Friday...On Saturday

This week I am late, as usual, for the Five for Friday, but in my defense it's been Winter Break and I couldn't even remember what day it was all week long.  However, I was NOT HAPPY when I figured out that today really was Saturday!  Time just FLEW this week - but that's how breaks go isn't it?  I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday.  Have you linked up yet???

My mother-in-law came on Friday last week and took my kids to her house for FIVE days!  Ladies and gentlemen, I L.O.V.E.  my kids, but that was one very needed break.  Hubby and I just got to act like honeymooners and I slept and created stuff and slept and went where I wanted when I wanted.  I spent a lot of time on a puzzle that I'm working on and just overall got a chance to really, really relax and let go.  While they were away getting spoiled like crazy they went to some animal safari near Callaway Gardens and got to feed animals that walked up to their van.  The giraffe's were their favorite.  Here's a little pic of some zebras to show how the animals just come up the the van they were in and you feed them out the window!!  WILD!
Here's the puzzle so far.  Getting more and more done everyday....
I bought an iPad through our school computer buy program this August.  Here is the corner of it today after one little wee one was playing with it.  "I don't know what happened" is what I got from one and "I didn't do it" from the other!  Wonder if there is some kind of warranty....hmmmm.......
My friend Stacy at Funky Fresh Firsties gave me the idea to start a packet for people if they need emergency sub plans.  I took the idea and RAN with it.  I had so much fun making this So You're Gonna Be Out...March edition emergency sub packet!  I am putting it up for FREE, FOR TODAY ONLY, if you'd like to grab one.  (Just click on the picture below to head over to my store.)   IF you have to be out you can download, print, give to sub, and go!  There is plenty in the packet to keep your firsties busy for a LONG time.  The sheets can also be used to for morning work, centers, enrichment, extra work for early finishers, etc, if you want to grab them for that instead of sub plans, but either way you'll be covered!  I plan to make them for every month and am almost done with April already so be looking for it to come out soon too!!

What all is in this packet....
Kelly at First Grade Fairytales sent me an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. set of centers to try out for her.  I printed, laminated, and put my 8 year old to work.  She did 3 math and 3 language arts centers.  I think they are just super cute and can't wait to use in the classroom for Read Across America day with all things Dr. Seuss. (Hey, did you know I have a chicken named Seuss cause she lays green eggs????)
Here are some pictures of her centers in action.  Click here to go to her store.

 True and False Math Facts
 Mixed Up Sentences to Order and Write
 Math Word Problems to Solve
 Matching Time on Digital to Analog clocks and recording
 Noun, Verb, Adjective Sort
 Matching Synonyms

Well, that's it for me mateys!  Until next time, I hope you have a wonderful week.  I actually can't wait to get back in the classroom, but this break has been heavenly too!!  Take care and see you again soon!  Thanks Doodle Bugs!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

So You're Gonna Be Out...MARCH

Have you ever had to call in sick unexpectedly and found that you still had to scramble around to find something for your sub to do?  Or even had a planning day or meeting but didn't know what to leave for your students?  Well, I have the answer for you.  I made this So You're Gonna Be Out...MARCH edition of worksheets that you can just pull up, print out, and hand over to the sub!  No PREP, no HASSLE, no WORRY!!!  I tried to make sure that all subjects were covered and that it all aligned with Common Core skills.  Here is a preview of what you will get.

The bonus is that this could also just be something that you buy to use as extra work during the month of March.  Could be morning work, early finishers, enrichment, etc...  At any rate, I hope that you will check it out if you need to be out so that HOPEFULLY if will make your absence less frustrating!!!  I would LOVE to give away 2 copies!  If you leave me a comment letting me know you want it and your email I'd be happy to send it over to you!  Any feedback would be appreciated!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Taking Time for Puzzles

Kids (and sometimes adults) don't realize that when they are solving puzzles, be it jigsaw puzzles, mazes, hidden pictures, crossword puzzles, or word searches, they are training their brains to PROBLEM SOLVE.  This is a skill that will benefit them throughout the rest of their lives.  Puzzles and puzzle games help reinforce logic, creativity, critical thinking, fine motor skills, and visualization.  For this reason I started BOTH of my children out at an early age doing puzzles.  We started with those that had the picture to match, and moved to the little board puzzles.  Meghan is up to the 24 piece puzzles at 3 1/2 and can do them in less than 5 minutes.
Now Ben is 8 and he's asking for 500 piece puzzles.  He can whip out a 100 piece in no time flat, so he just got his first 500 piece.  I told him if he could finish it in one day I'd pay him $5.  (Might get a lot of quiet time today...hehehehehe).  
What makes me sad is that last year I started taking some of Ben's puzzles he was finished with, and some that were too easy, to my classroom.  MY KIDS COULDN'T DO THEM!!!!!  I was dumbfounded.  Do people not do puzzles with their kids anymore?  Do they not realize how important they are for helping develop their little minds?  Needless to say, we started doing them a lot, every chance we got, and now they are getting better and better.  I make them different number puzzles as well that they LOVE to do.  Here are some of the St. Patrick's Day number puzzles that I made.  I can't wait for them to get their hands on them and put them together.  They really do just LOVE it!  AND it's good for them.  BONUS!!!  They also get a number puzzle sheet to do and they are getting SO GOOD at these which really help with counting on, one more/one less, ten more/ten less...all that good mental math stuff.
Sample Recording Sheet
This week has been our Winter Break so we've ALL been working together on this 2000 piece puzzle, our 2nd this year!! (And YES, that's the WHOLE dining room table). It's wonderful to work together towards a common goal and share in that family time together.  Here's what we've done so far.  Still have a lot to go, but already looking forward to the next one!!
If you are interested in my St. Patrick's Day Number Puzzle pack you can click on the pic below to take you to my store.  I'd love to hear what you think.  BUT WAIT....I did THREE St. Patrick's Day Packs and you can get them bundled for a better deal if you click the bottom picture (SORRY BOTH PICS ARE THE SAME BUT THAT WAS THE COVER PIC FOR THE BUNDLE TOO).  There is one with a graphing center, the number puzzles, and a place value (with dimes and pennies) center/SCOOT.  Been a busy little one this week, but really enjoying the time off.  
Click here for the BUNDLE of all THREE St. Patrick's Day centers.
It's a GORGEOUS day here in South Georgia so I'm going to head out and get some fresh air with the kids now.  Hope you all are having a WONDERFUL day where you are and that you'll visit again soon!