Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Currently

Wow, it's February ALREADY?!?  I am linking up with Farley to join in on the fun.  A friend of mine, Jennifer at The Extra Energetic Educator, is the sponsor so go check out her post!  She used to work with us, but moved on up to the board office and we miss her smiling face so much! 

It's been a few months since I linked up so I'm happy to get in on the action today.
Listening:  Hubby had plans to redo some stuff up under his truck today, but instead (THANK YOU RAIN) he got up and cooked me breakfast. :)  The house STILL smells of biscuits, bacon, omelets.....just pure yumminess!!  Now I'm back on the couch watching T.V. and listening to the rain (and since Granny has the kids for the weekend, the QUIET)

Loving:  To be honest, I've been going through a really hard time emotionally for a few months.  My friends and my family have been so super supportive, calling to check on me, dolling out tons of hugs, and reminding me that this too shall pass.  It's not always easy to talk about these times in our lives, but I don't want to hide it, because that made it worse to start with.  So I am thankful for my prayer warriors  my anchors, and my cheerleaders.  I really just can't thank you enough.  

Thinking:  With my student teacher in tow now I was SOOOO excited to get EVERYTHING copied and planned and pulled and sorted (you all know) for the whole week and was "ready to go".  THEN....We went to school on Monday, then Snow Days (minus the snow) on Tuesday AND Wednesday, a County Grade Level meeting at the B.O.E. on Thursday, and a leave early pass to go see the Dr. on Friday so now everything is all messed up and I'm so behind and not really sure what I'm even going to do next week since everything got so mixed up.  Oh well, the show much go on.  I'll get it figured out!

Wanting:  Anyone else get a break from your kids only to wish you could hold them??  Is it just me??  I don't want them back, I am TOTALLY enjoying the break, but one of those little hugs sure would do a mommy good.
Needing:  Another cup of coffee - but not just ANY cup, thinking I need to make a Starbucks run!  Plus, like I said before, I HAVE to start my plans.

2 truths and a fib:  Did you figure this out?  Meghan and I do both have the same middle name - Marie (Meghan Marie Monahan and Angela Marie Monahan).  As you read up husband IS the cook for our family.  I do some baking, and if it comes out of a box or a bag with specific directions (you know, like a pizza), I'm all good, but when we REALLY eat, it's by the hubby's hand.  The fib is that we go on a Donut run every weekend.  We DO go on a Donut run AT LEAST once a month, but not EVERY weekend! :) 

Well, that's if for me today.  Gotta use this free mommy time wisely!!  I would love to hear from you!


  1. I feel you completely with being behind. We had a snow day and a delay last week and we had MAP testing... so I think I only taught 3 or 4 lessons all week... I was more a test monitor than a teacher! Yikes! But, hopefully the winter weather will stay at bay so we can get in a full week soon! I love a good snow day but we need to space them out a bit!

    I also agree that although I will drink coffee at home... when you need some great coffee to get things done. I brave the cold to get Starbucks or Panera. I love their coffee sooo much but I'm really trying to cut back... it's hard!

    My Shoe String Life

  2. We have had quite a few snow days here also - which is rare for our area. We missed three days last week and three days this week. Thankfully it was right around exams so my lesson plans weren't overly effected. I am ready to get back to school though because we have a state-wide test coming and the kids need the prep time.
    I pray that whatever has been troubling you recently goes away.
    Visiting from the Farley Currently Link-Up

  3. I am in the SAME boat as you are, when it comes to the snow days and other things making you feel SO behind. We missed 2 and a half days, then when we went back yesterday, I had already scheduled a day to go on my daughter's field trip AND then, Monday, I have a sub as they have given us a collaborative planning day to work on units and such!!! I spent ONE day in my room last week, and we have the writing test at the beginning of March to wrap our brains around!! I feel your pain! We WILL get through it and it will be alright;)

    Kimberlee @ 2 Fulbright Hugs

  4. We are all behind! Will we ever get back on a normal schedule! Seems like we are constantly trying to catch up on some task missed due to delayed openings or going home early! The kids at my school are a little nuts with not being in their routines! Nice to meet you, Angie! (Thanks Farley for another new blog to visit!)


    Teachers Are Terrific!


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