Sunday, February 9, 2014

So EXCITED I HAD to blog!!!!

I have been teaching math with drawings of rekenreks and these cute boards that I made after the teacher across the hall shared them with me. (These aren't mine - didn't have a pic, but this is what they look like, except I used white pipe cleaners and a black background.)
ANYWAYS....I have been looking at Pinterest at the big class rekenreks and just HAD to have TWO different versions.  I asked the hubs to run out and get me the pipe and connectors I needed. He cut it all just right and I added some AWESOME duct tape that I found to match the pool noodles I was going to use.  I am just in love with the end product.  My personal kids couldn't wait to get a hold of them!  If you are interested in making your own I added the dimensions under each picture.  
For the big one
(2) 30" pipes (think we used 1/4 in)
(8) 8" pipes
(4) t-joints connectors
(2) corner connectors
(2) end caps
clear pipe glue
For the Handheld:
(2) 30" pipes (think we used 1/4 in)
(2) 12" pipes
(4) corner connectors
clear pipe glue
Found this duct tape at the Dollar General for $2.  Wish they had had two rolls so I could have done both, but oh well.  I am still one happy girl!!! :)

I've seen these done like this with colored shower curtain holders too and may even switch to those IF my noodles give out on me after time.
Well, that's it for me tonight!  Do you use rekenreks in your classroom?  

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