Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener

I am SOOOO excited that I was able to get a 
Pencil Sharpener, in my favorite RED to review!!! 

 I had read about them, looked them up, borrowed a neighbors and was SUPER DUPER excited when mine arrived in the mail and I was able to start using it. NO MORE STUBBY PENCILS!!  NO MORE JAMS with those pencils with the plastic paper stuff on the outside!!  NO MORE ARM CRAMPS from taking forever to sharpen when the tips would then just fall out!!  Now I get these AWESOME, SHARP, PERFECT points with every single kind of pencil that I sharpen.
I LOVE how the sharpener also holds the pencil for me and all I do is turn the crank and it stops when it's done. 
 I did every kind of pencil I could find and EVERY SINGLE TIME I got these results!  I have had cheap sharpeners, mid-level priced sharpeners, and really, really expensive sharpeners, and every SINGLE one has failed me, quickly, after being opened and letting the kids get a hold of them.  Classroom Friendly Supplies has come up with THE BEST SHARPENER EVER!!  Don't believe me, just go to their site (Classroom Friendly Supplies) and order one for yourself and see the magic happen.  It comes with a little clamp so you can put it anywhere, but I chose to use double-sided tape and mount it on the shelf and that works really great too.  The kids use it easily after being shown the following video:
 It's making our classroom a much happier place...and who doesn't want that???!!??



  1. I absolutely LOVE mine... and keep saying I'm gonna order a new one, in PINK! :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. I have 3!!!! It's the best pencil sharpener ever.

  3. I am always on the hunt for the perfect pencil sharpener! I have had a few good ones over the years but they never seem to last as long as I want them to!

    The Math Maniac


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