Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lulu Walks the Dogs

This week we finished up reading Lulu Walks the Dogs.  It's such a PRECIOUS book, especially since we read Lulu and the Brontosaurus with out unit in the 3rd nine weeks.  The kids LOVED seeing how the character that they LOVED then had grown and changed a little and we compared how she was in that book and this one.  Anyways, my favorite part was when we made character maps of each of the dogs that Lulu and Fleischman were walking.  (I just printed the pictures from the Lulu Walks the Dogs Book Companion we used - and cut them out to glue on the chart paper.)  The kids came up with great stuff for the posters.  
After we finished making out charts, we did a graph to see which dog was the class FAVORITE.  They did an awesome job and Cordelia won - by a LOT!!!  
I hung our character maps and some of the graphs in the hallway to share with others.  This is the final product.
In the book, Lulu started walking dogs so she could save money for something super special, something that NO OTHER KID had ever had, something that her parents said was WAY too expensive and they would not buy for her.  Throughout the book the author never tells you what this thing is (until the very last page), so we made predictions of what we THOUGHT she was going to use her money for.  Most all of the kids thought that she wanted money to buy a dog of her own (like Arthur in Arthur's Pet Business that we read last 9 weeks).  There were super surprised by what it ACTUALLY was - which I won't say in case you haven't read the book - **don't want to spoil it for you!  I also gave them some pictures to color and we put some of the predictions and pictures on the door beside our other work.  The kids just LOVE seeing their work displayed!
The graph we used, the character maps that they did individually, and the pictures that they colored were all part of an amazing book companion for Lulu Walks the Dogs by Funky Fresh Firsties.  If you are reading this book to your class you will definitely want to check it out!! Just click the picture below to go to her store!
Talk to you guys later!  If you haven't read this book, I HIGHLY recommend it and the other Lulu book.  Your firsties will fall in love with the characters and get so engaged in every aspect of the story!  Until later, wishing everyone a very blessed weekend!  Thankfully we are getting rain to wash away some of the MASSIVE amounts of pollen falling in our area!!!  Try to stay "sniffle" free!!! :)

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  1. We read Lulu this week too. My kiddos LOVE Lulu! The new book in this series, Lulu's Mysterious Mission, comes out April 8. I plan on surprising them with the new book to continue the fun. You did some great stuff with book. I'm sure they enjoyed all you did.


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