Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Funday Random Fun Stuff 3-9

Whew!  What a week!  Seems like it would never I find myself here on Sunday afternoon with a clean house, last load of laundry in the washer, and time to relax before the weekend is over.  YAY!!  I'm joining up with A Burst of First and Lucky to Be in First for Sunday Funday to share some of the "fun" things that I did this week.  Link up on either of their pages to see what other fun things other teachers are doing!  I am really enjoying this every Sunday!  Thanks again girls for starting this linky up! :)

Here was the "Photo Booth" at school outside my classroom door.  A friend helped me paint a rainbow and I printed out some props for the kids to use to go to the photo booth.  Later we will write about what they would do if they found a pot of gold.  Here's my super fantabulous student teacher, Lauren, and me!  We had as much fun as the kids did I think.
Then Lauren taught a lesson from Heather's Heart with Chef Ad. J. Tive where they made fruit pizza after writing adjectives to describe the fruits and the cookie that they were using.  Click here to go to the site where that amazing activity is featured.  I did it last year too and we had a blast writing adjectives and then making our pizzas.  Yum!!!
My hubby works outside so with three rain days this week I got to spend some extra time with him this week (which I seem to never be able to get enough of).  We cooked several meals TOGETHER and we played Phase 10 a couple of times.  That game is so fun....I just wish it wasn't so long sometimes.
Speaking of time with the hubs...he did get a chance to get out and do some side jobs this weekend and since he is the "cook" in our house I thought it would be nice for ME to take that off his hands tonight.  SOOOO......I am making, for the very first time, Crock Pot Lasagna and bought some Rosemary Olive Oil Broule to go with it.  Fingers crossed that it turns out good.  He's running off to do a little fishing after he finishes up what he's doing today, but at least I can feed him something without him doing more work when he gets home.  I try.
Last, did I mention it is BEAUTIFUL here in South Georgia today and so I finally got around to planting the flowers that hubs gave me for Valentine's day.  My grandmother passed a few years ago and I got these planters from her house.  I've never planted anything in them, but rather just let them sit on the front porch.  He bought me these bulbs specifically for my planters so they would come back year after year for me to enjoy in my grandmother's planters.  I know she's looking down proud today that I got it done.  She had SUCH a green thumb and her yard was always so magnificent!  I moved some of her rose bushes here after her passing too, and I LOVE when they bloom.  It's like she's looking down letting me know all is well.
Found this on Pinterest and wanted to share....does anyone else have one, or two, or three of these kinds of kids in your classroom?  I've moved and moved some of them and nothing works.  We spent a lot of time doing the Cupid Shuffle this week though and it seemed to help with all the wiggles and giggles, and maybe even the muscles in my legs....hahahahahaha.

Now click the link above, get up, and do the cupid shuffle!! See how much fun you have!!!!!  I'm gonna get up off my fanny and do it while hoping that you all have a blast and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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