Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How To Make Ice Cream

Last week my class read the book How To Make Ice Cream from Reading A-Z.  
 During the week we learned how we get ice cream from the cow to the cone through various videos and interactive websites (especially Ben & Jerry's).  Each student invented their own NEW flavor of ice cream and read over and over the steps to making it on our own from our book.  On Thursday we gathered all the ingredients and supplies and got busy!
We put half-and-half, vanilla, and white sugar in a sandwich bag, inside a pint-size bag (for added protection).  Then we added ice and rock salt to a gallon-size bag and gently put in our bag of ingredients.  Then came the fun part.  Each student had to SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE for at least 5 minutes to make his/her own ice cream.  We've been talking a lot about producers and consumers and found that day that we were BOTH a producer AND a consumer.  It make those vocabulary words hit home a lot more for sure!
 The final product was delicious and the kids were so proud of themselves for making it.  It was a WONDERFUL learning experience.  Here are a couple pictures of the final product.
After the students finished eating their ice cream we watched the book on Raz Kids one more time before they wrote How to Make Ice Cream papers with the steps and ingredients and all.  I was very impressed with their work and their understanding of what we did. (Though I forgot to take pictures of their writings!)
I did this last year and plan to continue to do it every year so that the kids can learn through experience AND get a yummy treat that makes the learning that much more meaningful!  

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