Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wonderful Worms

To conclude our unit on plants today we did a fun activity that I blogged about last year as well.  We learned about WORMS!  We started off with a mystery bag of (oil covered noddles) worms that the kids got to feel and then they drew what they THOUGHT it was before drawing what they found it ACTUALLY was.  I didn't tell them ANYTHING about what we were doing or learning today so I was surprised that most all of them actually guessed noodles!!  I only had about 2 that guessed worms.  We read the book Wonderful Worms by Lisa Glaser to learn a little more about how worms help the plants that we've been studying.  They are such an integral part of our ecosystem.  
I found a non-fiction e-book about worms where the kids got to see LOTS of pictures of real worms of all different kinds and sizes.  We also read some facts I found and learned that in some countries people EAT worms.  
Thus the writing activity that came next..."How do you eat a worm?"  I let them give me ways that they could eat a worm.  They yelled out "with HOT SAUCE," "grill them, toast them, cook them, boil them....," "put them in tacos," "put them on a hamburger," etc....  We used the awesome recording sheets from First Grade Fever from when she did this activity.  You should check out her blog about it too and grab your FREEBIE sheets!!  The students had to write First, Next, and Last sentences about how to eat a worm...and then came the fun part.  They each got a REAL WORM to hold and play with for a few minutes.  While they were playing I had them hold it over their mouths for some adorably funny pictures to go with their writings.  (Gummy worms were available for those too scared to hold a real worm.)  When we were finished we went out in the yard and let the little guys go so that they could do their job and help the plants grow and refresh the soil.
 This one wanted to do it, but didn't want to HOLD it...LOL 
We wrapped up by printing out the pictures and finishing our writing assignment, complete with pic and labels.  
They were really proud and loved sharing their completed projects with their friends.  It was a WILD and CRAZY day, but I think it's one they won't soon forget. PLUS now they know that worms are good for more than just going fishing!! :)

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