Saturday, August 16, 2014

Representing Numbers, Three Pigs and Fish, and The Princess & the Pea

Mario, my student teacher, got the chance to start doing a little teaching this week.  He came up with the idea to make the numbers 1-10 on butcher paper really large so that the kids could show different ways to represent the numbers ON the numbers.  They used ten frames, tally marks with mini popsicle sticks, traced their hands to show number on their fingers, coins, a number line, dice, and number words.  I thought this was genius.  He introduced on Monday and did a couple as an example.  Then on Tuesday we both split into groups and helped the students do their own, two for each group.  It was WONDERFUL.  The math talk going on at the tables was great to hear and I really think they got it.  The best part is that after we hung them in the hallway I found another teacher out there with her class lined up on the opposite wall and she was teaching using our numbers!!  Mario was so proud! Here are some of the finished products.

In Reading this week we have been learning about fairy tales and all things happily ever after.  We did a great comparison unit with The Three Little Pigs and The Three Little Fish and the Big, Bad Shark.  I did this last year too and if you'd like to see how it went you can check out that blog post here.  I did it at the end of the year so we did some really good writing, but since I'm doing it at the beginning of the year this year we did a cut/paste Venn Diagram activity after we finished making the huge class one.  That's in my Three Pigs and Three Fish Comparison packet on Tpt if you would like to check it out.

Anyways, we read a lot of other fairy tales as well and did some activities.  My favorite was The Princess and the Pea.  We read the story and then we did a big chart to talk about things that are "delicate" like the princess.  The class came up with a really great list and then we started our writing.  They wrote:  My princess, ________, is as delicate as a __________.  I thought that they did a great job with their sentences!  I got the idea from Life in First Grade when I saw her post on Pinterest.  You should check out her page if you are looking for some other great fairy tale activities to do.  Here are some of my favorites...

One more week of happily ever after before we dive into Folktales!  I've planned on a whole week of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Can't wait!

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  1. Those GIANT numbers are fantastic! What a great idea! And I love those Princess & the Pea crafts. It's one of my favorite fairy tales & I am definitely pinning for later :)

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