Sunday, September 14, 2014

Around the World

This week I taught about the 7 continents and the 5 oceans.  We used Google Earth and traveled all over the world looking at the different places and trying to understand how large our world really is.  We talked about different characteristics of each place and read a little book called Continents and Oceans by Carrie Hanson that I found on Tpt.  We explored the World Atlas books too and they thought those were too cool!
 After all the exploration each group was given copies of each continent and labels for the continents and the oceans.  They were also given a blue poster board.  Each team worked to try to put together the world.  They diligently used the atlas and worked in such great cooperative groups!  I was very proud of them!!  After a day of practicing several times, we then took Friday as a competition game.  The team that could do it the fastest would earn a point for their table.  They had so much fun!

Next week is landforms so I'm off to find some real-life places to show them to go with each kind.  Want to find something awesome from each continent.  Hopefully we can explore some more with Google Earth and find some cool pictures of places around the world.  Until next time...

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