Friday, September 19, 2014

Creative Landforms

Short blog today but really wanted to share some great pics with you of the work my kids did today!  We ended our week of learning about landforms today with some hands-on fun!  
I asked that parents send in some Play-doh and they did!  
TONS of it!!  

So after we did our little mini-labeling quiz this morning we broke out the Play-doh and went to work.  Here are some of the things that they came up with.  I was really proud and they tried so hard!  We are doing landforms for one more week so I promised if they did really well all week we would do it again next Friday.  
 an island with a fish swimming in the water
 a volcano
 a valley
 working on another volcano
 the coast and some seashells
 a desert with a plateau and some cactus plants
 a mountain with a snow covered peak
 another snowy mountain
 a simple little pond
 another really large mountain
 a plain with an orange tree
 a lake with the forest all around it and the beginnings of a river
one last desert with the cactus

And MY favorite was when the colors got mixed up and this little boy came up and told me he made the world.  It was so cute and just perfect!!  Can't wait to do something like this again.  They were really concerned with characteristics and talked about them as they worked TOGETHER to create these gorgeous landforms (and I didn't even tell them they had to work cooperatively - so BONUS)!!!  

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