Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mini Red Solo Cups & Folk Heroes

This week I went to the local Dollar Store to see what kinds of goodies were waiting for me to snag up and I found MINI red solo cups (seriously fit in the palm of your hand!)  They were just about the cutest thing I had ever seen.  However, I thought and thought and couldn't come up with something to do with them, so I reluctantly passed them up.  I went to school and told Mario (my creative student teacher) about them and he IMMEDIATELY had an idea.  He calls it Power Towers.  He ran out to the Dollar Tree and snagged up 100 of these little babies and put 100 sight words on the bottoms.  Then during groups on Friday he went around the group with the cups.  If they could read the word, they kept the cup.  If not, it passed to the next person.  After they started collecting cups they were allowed to create towers with them (any way they wanted).  The results were TOO cute and the kids have never had so much fun practicing sight words!!!!

Something else we worked hard on for the last two weeks are American Folk Heros.  We traced the pictures out really large, colored them, laminated them, and put on chart paper with a little tape (to be saved for next year).  Each day we learned about a new hero and we made a chart with the things that we learned.  The kids used them for writing activities that we did throughout the week and their final test came from ideas on the charts as well.  We were really proud of the final outcome.  They look great hanging in the classroom.
Gearing up for Continents and Oceans next week.  For the past few years I have had students color and cut out the continents after they learn about them.  I give them a blue poster board or bulletin board paper and let them try to put them all where they go.  Then they get labels and have to put them on correctly, including the oceans.  They love doing this activity and I can't wait to do it again this week.  On Friday I make it a competition and we see who can do it the fastest!  Will post pics to show you how it goes.  Do you have a unique way that you teach continents and oceans?  I'd love to hear about it if you do!

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