Sunday, November 9, 2014

Picture Module has CHANGED my life!

Many years ago I taught Kindergarten and we always did this thing called 'picture module'.  We would put up a picture every day and let the kids tell us all the words they could think of to write beside the picture.  We would talk about spelling and letters and really get into what the picture was about.  It brought along such wonderful conversation and vocabulary.  After moving to 2nd grade I no longer did picture module anymore.  It didn't have enough "meat" to it for them and thus I forgot all about ever doing it at all over the years.  I've now been in 1st grade for 5 years and recently remembered the long ago picture module.  I decided it was worth a shot to get my firsties WRITING.  I could do that same thing that I did with Kindergarten, but then they could write about the picture using the word bank that we made.  It worked like a charm!!!!  Students who have been having trouble writing sentences, and especially using capitalization and punctuation, are now blossoming and writing MANY sentences....correctly!!!  I was so impressed with their work that I've decided to throw it in the schedule at least 2 times a week, if not more.  It really doesn't take that long and they get excited about it as well.  Here are the three that we did last week.
I remembered to get some pics of the writing that went with the last one (of the kitty) to share here with you.  We did the word bank and then I told them to write at least 3-4 sentences about what they see.  They could even name the kitty if they wanted to.  That was the only directions that they were given.  These are from a variety of levels in my class (from low to high and some in between).  I hope you are as impressed by their writing as I was!!


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